Advanced Editorial Services

Sometimes manuscripts need specialized attention that goes beyond detail work in grammar, spelling, and punctuation. Our experienced editors take an in-depth look at your book's content and other high-level stylistic considerations, including content, plot, and pace. Services include Developmental Editing, Book Doctoring, Ghostwriting, and Ghostwriting Estimate and Sample.

iUniverse author Robert Chipley explains why he chose the self-publishing route for his books Germania and Gorging Out . He also describes his positive experience with iUniverse’s editorial services and how his books were pre-adapted for screenplays.

Developmental Editing

The iUniverse Developmental Editing service combines three editorial services into one package: First, a developmental editor evaluates the manuscript at the paragraph, chapter, and book levels and makes suggestions throughout the manuscript to identify big-picture areas that need work. Second, the content editor will check the manuscript for errors in grammar, spelling, and punctuation. And third, the manuscript will receive a quality review to ensure the manuscript is editorially sound before it goes into production.

Book Doctor

A book doctor makes the changes recommended by an iUniverse developmental editor after you approve the suggested revisions.


A professional writer with general knowledge of the subject matter of your book will write the book in consultation with you.

Ghostwriting Estimate and Sample

A Ghostwriting Estimate and Sample must be completed before Ghostwriting can begin.