Developmental Editing

$0.07 per Word

Prescribed by Editorial Evaluation only. Please speak with your editorial consultant for more information.

Please Note: A Developmental Edit includes FREE Content Editing and Quality Review.

The iUniverse Developmental Editing service combines three editorial services into one package: First, a developmental editor evaluates the manuscript at the paragraph, chapter, and book levels and makes suggestions throughout the manuscript to identify big-picture areas that need work.

  • For fiction works, the editor will analyze the readership and genre to determine whether the content is appropriate. He will then examine essential considerations such as plot, pace, characterization and dialogue.
  • For nonfiction titles, the editor will analyze the readership, purpose, and possible uses of the work to determine that the content is complete and appropriate; that concepts are developed adequately; that material is well organized; and that illustrations, tables, and lists are used effectively throughout.

Authors can choose to make improvements suggested by the developmental editor themselves or purchase the services of a Book Doctor to help them make alterations. (If applicable, a price estimate for book doctoring is included with the completed developmental edit.) Once big-picture changes have been made, the second step, a free Content Edit, begins; the content editor will check the manuscript for errors in grammar, spelling, and punctuation. And third, the manuscript will receive a quality review to ensure the manuscript is editorially sound before it goes into production.

"I am THRILLED with the edit so far! I've never had a developmental edit, and it's so cool to 'hear' someone else's voice regarding the material. What's more, the editor has targeted areas that I subconsciously knew needed work, but just didn't hear my conscious voice telling me how to correct. Please let her know how excited I am and how far her input had surpassed what I thought I was paying for."

- Eric Rankin, author of The Aquarians

iUniverse author Robert Chipley explains why he chose the self-publishing route for his books Germania and Gorging Out . He also describes his positive experience with iUniverse’s editorial services and how his books were pre-adapted for screenplays.

*There is a 5,000-word minimum charge for all editing services.

Timing: Three to four months (does not include time manuscript is with author for review and revision)

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