Reader's Digest Marketing

Want to show credibility and promote your book at the same time? What about placing your ad alongside well-researched articles within Reader's Digest—the richest and one of the most trusted magazines in the publishing platform.

Reader’s Digest, is a general-interest magazine filled with richly written content for readers around the world. It boasts a circulation of 3 million subscribers and reaches a readership of 18.3 million in 2019.

Reader's Digest has always kept up to the digital trend in the way it publishes content. Today, anyone with a mobile e-reader can easily enjoy reading articles from one of the world's most popular magazines. Recognizing the marketing potential, iUniverse is collaborating with Reader's Digest to offer you a new and innovative promotional service: the RD iPad Edition Marketing Bundle. Digital and interactive media is one of the best ways to engage readers with content. Promoting your book on the RD iPad Edition means more marketing and bookselling possibilities for your title.