Cover Design

The cover is the first opportunity you have to connect with potential readers. That's why at iUniverse we make sure that your cover will meet the professional standards for commercially successful books. After all, when a book is sitting on the shelf, potential readers don't look to see how a book is published. They only know whether the cover image draws their attention or the back cover copy makes them to want to read more. These elements make a great cover, and that is why we pay attention to these details when we are publishing your book.

Elite Cover Design

When you choose Elite Cover Design, you will have more creative options than if you stay with our Custom Cover Design service.

Custom Cover Illustration

Our team of experienced in-house artists will work with you to produce a striking custom cover illustration that will help your book stand out.

Cover Revisions (Text)

Text changes range from replacing a few words, correcting punctuation, adding additional quotes and other information, to completely replacing sections of cover text.

Cover Revisions (Images/Design)

Changes to imagery and design elements on the cover layout that are not text changes can be completed through this service.