Marketing Services

"Once my book was released, I had to think about marketing and publicity. I received tremendous guidance from my marketing consultant and publicist! They made my life easy and worry-free. Thank you iUniverse for helping independent authors publish and market their books with confidence!"—Carisia Switala, author of Eternity's Secret

If you want your book to sell, you’ll want to do more than just hope for the best. Our selection of promotional products and services allows authors to build a dynamic platform from which they can effectively promote and sell their books. Create your marketing plan and materials with our simple step-by-step tools.

iUniverse Marketing Guide


iUniverse brings our authors together by genre to promote their books directly to their target readers in an effective, affordable co-op style.

Author and Book Videos

Give a mass audience a look inside your story. With your professional book video or author interview, you can captivate your audience visually while your story unfolds before their eyes.

Publicity Services

Get your book noticed from a unique platform created by our publicity and media services.

Book Exhibits and Conferences

iUniverse is giving you the opening to boost your book’s promotions with its Book Exhibition marketing service.

Book Reviews

A book review is an excellent way to generate interest for your title. Book readers, buyers, and retailers rely on the opinion of experts when considering which titles are worth purchasing and reading. iUniverse offers four distinct review services to help you elevate your book’s credibility and raise its marketing potential.

Book Signings and Galleries

A book exhibition or book signing event can be a terrific way to create buzz around your book. As an exhibitor at many of the largest trade shows and book events, we've put our books in the hands of booklovers and industry insiders through iUniverse book exhibition services.

Hollywood Book-to-Screen

Have you ever considered for even a moment that your book could be adapted into a movie or television series?

If the answer is yes, then iUniverse can make your book available to agents, producers, directors, writers and actors through multiple new services available to our authors.

iUniverse author Robert Chipley explains why he chose the self-publishing route for his books Germania and Gorging Out . He also describes his positive experience with iUniverse’s editorial services and how his books were pre-adapted for screenplays.

Internet Marketing

Having your own website, internet search, or preview tools are effective and economical ways to promote your book, enhance your image as an author, and communicate with prospective readers around the world.

Publicity Campaigns

Our publicity campaign options pair you with a publicist dedicated to mapping and executing outreach that makes sense for you and your message.

Radio Services

Have you ever considered how a radio interview might affect your book’s marketing plan? If the answer is yes, then iUniverse can make your voice available on the airwaves to help you reach new audiences and further your cause.

Reader's Digest Marketing

Want to show credibility and promote your book at the same time? What about placing your ad alongside well-researched articles within Reader's Digest—the richest and one of the most trusted magazines in the publishing platform.

Reader’s Digest, is a general-interest magazine filled with richly written content for readers around the world. It boasts a circulation of 3 million subscribers and reaches a readership of 18.3 million in 2019.

Reader's Digest has always kept up to the digital trend in the way it publishes content. Today, anyone with a mobile e-reader can easily enjoy reading articles from one of the world's most popular magazines. Recognizing the marketing potential, iUniverse is collaborating with Reader's Digest to offer you a new and innovative promotional service: the RD iPad Edition Marketing Bundle. Digital and interactive media is one of the best ways to engage readers with content. Promoting your book on the RD iPad Edition means more marketing and bookselling possibilities for your title.