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iUniverse has helped thousands of ambitious authors publish books and fulfill their goals. Read their stories and learn how they made the leap from amateur writer to professionally published author.

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These iUniverse authors have found self-publishing success selling their books.

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The iUniverse difference is our commitment to helping authors succeed. It starts with laying a strong foundation through editorial excellence, building on the unique voice and ambition of our authors.

Editorial Excellence

Top-notch editorial services are the heart of our company. A thorough Editorial Evaluation examines what your manuscript needs to strengthen and improve the story, and our full suite of editorial services helps our authors publish the best books possible.

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iUniverse's Editorial Excellence program helps authors create professional-quality books.
Recognition Programs

Recognition Programs

Quality books deserve recognition and promotion. We select exemplary books for our Editor's Choice and Rising Star. These designations highlight your book's editorial quality to agents, booksellers and media.

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“The editing actually was the most profound part for me. I was challenged to rethink how I had formatted some of the content in my book.”

- Author of Why Wait to Be Great? Terry Hawkins

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iUniverse author Terry Hawkins shares her story of self-publishing success.

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iUniverse guides aspiring authors through the path to success by providing high-quality, professional services and support. We've helped thousands of authors achieve their goals.

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iUniverse self-publishing service helps you publish your book, do cover layouts, and market your book

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Our packages combine the most powerful tools and services you need to create a professional-quality book. We pair top-notch editing, designing, and marketing features with award-winning editorial excellence and recognition programs that get your book the attention it needs.

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Meet your publishing goals with iUniverse's print on demand service.
Find marketing services from iUniverse, maximizing sales and helping you find self-publishing success

Marketing: Become A Book-Selling Maestro

So your book is written. Now what? We know a little marketing savvy goes a long way. But, yeah, we get it. You’re a creative type, not a salesperson.

iUniverse has a team of marketing pros to help you learn the ins and outs of generating interest for your book, so that you’ll have copies flying off the shelf.

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“There’s so much to know about the publishing industry, and when you’re somebody coming in like me, that knows nothing about marketing, about promotion, about editing…that’s what was so wonderful about iUniverse.”

- Author of Crow's Row Julie Hockley

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iUniverse author Julie Hockley with her book Crow's Row.

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Publishing a book is an accomplishment you'll be proud of forever. When you publish with iUniverse, you have a support team to help you throughout the process, making it easier than ever to meet your goals.