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TV Blast Premium 30s w/ Author Video


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The TV Blast Premium 30sec with Author Video is a powerful tool in getting your book advertised on television. iUniverse will create an author video that will be shown for one week on select cable networks in one of the top 25 American markets, such as Chicago, Philadelphia, Dallas, San Francisco-Oak-San Jose, Boston, Washington DC, Atlanta, Houston, and Miami.

The markets are selected based on your geographic location while the networks are chosen using the keywords and preferences you have provided us.

With this service, you get:

  • A 30-second Author Video Interview to be aired as a TV ad
  • Airing of your book video at least 3 times on cable networks over the course of one week, in one of the major market areas closest to you
  • A summary of airings including the ad run date, network, time, and the paired programs that will provided at the end of the campaign
  • A 60-second version of your author video interview that will be distributed multiple well-known sites, including YouTube, DailyMotion and Metacafé, so you can take your promotions to the Web too!

Note: Your campaign will be handled by TV advertising professionals who take care of selecting the most suitable markets and airings for your book video.

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To learn more or to order this service, contact your marketing consultant at 1-800-AUTHORS (288-4677).


Call 1-800-AUTHORS (288-4677) to order now!