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In the sea of e-books available online, it’s important to make sure your book gets noticed. Using a combination of unique services, our Digital Discovery Service can help readers discover your e-book and tell others about it.

  • BookGrabbr is an online tool that makes use of your social media followers to share your book with potential readers throughout the world. By offering a preview of your book as a reward—or even a “grabb” of your whole book!—the Digital Discovery Service harnesses BookGrabbr’s powerful sharing tools to encourage your social media followers to become your book’s advocates.
  • BookStub™ cards  are plastic and display your full-color book cover on the front side. The reverse side of a BookStub™ displays the necessary information for readers to find and download a free copy of your e-book.  You can give BookStub™ cards to book signing attendees or other potential readers, who can then read your book for free and possibly tell others about your book

The model is simple: you share your BookGrabbr link to your social media, and your Facebook friends, Twitter followers and LinkedIn connections receive a sample of your book in return for sharing it with their friends, who can then share it with their friends, and on and on. 

What you get:

  • 25 promotional BookStub™ cards to give away
  • One year of BookGrabbr
    • 25 “grabbs” of the full book to drive early shares 
    • Unlimited book preview “grabbs”
    • Quarterly reports that will show likes, shares, grabbs, impressions, etc.
  • Buy button with a link to purchase your book

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Let us help you promote your book online with our Digital Discovery Service. Contact your marketing consultant at 1-800-AUTHORS (288-4677) to learn more or to order this service. 

Please Note: 

This service is most effective for authors who have an established following of fans, followers and connections on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

The Digital Discovery Service is only available for live titles which include an e-book.




Call 1-800-AUTHORS (288-4677) to order now!