Design Services

Our team will work with you—incorporating your photos, graphics, sketches, and ideas—to create a professional book cover that beautifully represents your book's contents.

Interior Page Layout

Careful planning and execution of the layout of your book is important. Readers need to be able to easily follow the text in your book. Our professionals will help you create the best layout for your book.

Cover Design

Your cover is the first opportunity you have to capture the attention of potential readers, so it is important you pay as much attention to the design of your cover as you do to the creation of your manuscript. Our experienced cover designers can help you make sure your cover does everything it can to catch the eye and communicate the content of your book.

Stock Images

All books published via the iUniverse standard publishing packages receive custom-designed covers, produced in full color. Within the realm of this custom-designed cover, you have the option to choose two images, free of charge, from the millions found through Thinkstock.

Interior Black-and-White Illustrations

Elevate your book to the next creative level with custom artwork produced in our in-house art studio. The iUniverse team of seasoned studio artists will work with you to produce striking black-and-white illustrations that add visual interest to your book’s content.

Interior Color Illustrations

One of iUniverse's talented studio artists will use your descriptions and feedback to create custom color illustrations that reflect your book’s unique style.