Bookselling Services

iUniverse Bookselling Services have been created to effectively promote your book. Through the use of promotional materials, registration services, and our Bookstore Essentials, including the Booksellers Return Program and Book Buyers Preview, iUniverse has established great options for you to choose from when deciding on the best promotional mix for you and your newly published book.

Bookstore Essentials

The essential bookstore services give booksellers and bookstores attractive incentives to stock your book. 

Bookselling Promotional Materials 

Our printed bookselling promotional materials include attractive and affordable full-color postcards, bookmarks, business cards, and BookStub™ cards featuring your book. The promotional materials are available in individual item bulk quantities or as bundle packs.


As you make your work available to the public, you want to make sure you have the appropriate protection. There are two ways we can help you with that. The first is registering your copyright with the U.S. Copyright Office. Second, a Library of Congress Control Number makes your book more accessible to librarians and book vendors.