The Boy Who Searched for the End of Numbers

by Danny Rittman



Book Details

Language : English
Publication Date : 1/29/2024

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 6x9
Page Count : 258
ISBN : 9781663253026
Format : E-Book
Dimensions : N/A
Page Count : 258
ISBN : 9781663253033

About the Book

Where do numbers end? We all ask that question at one time in our lives. Everything has a beginning and end – days and nights, seasons and years, books and films, and even our universe. So why not numbers? That's the question that sets young Ty Lev, an inquisitive student in San Diego, on a three-year quest. He gets help from his father, three rabbis, an MIT wizard, and an eccentric Israeli archaeologist. Ty searches the internet for the answer to the end of numbers. After many dead ends he comes across a strange website that seems to understand his quest. It sends him and his fellow investigators on a series of journeys across the Middle East: a remote island in the Nile, Mount Ararat in Turkey, an ancient monastery in Ethiopia, a mysterious mountain in Saudi Arabia, the deserts of Iraq, and the Western Wall and Temple Mount in Jerusalem. It’s on the Temple Mount, a site sacred to three faiths and fraught with danger, that a miraculous event takes place. It changes Ty forever – and maybe the whole world as well. On his long journey, Ty learns about math, archaeology, ancient history, modern technology, and above all, faith. He comes to see the unity in all the seemingly different and even antagonistic parts of life.

About the Author

Danny Rittman is a chip designer with broad interests, especially those regarding spiritual matters. In his work he’s found extraordinary possibilities in numbers and science which inspired him to write this book.