Bookstore Premier Pro


Set yourself up with success with bookselling chains like Barnes and Noble with this package, spotlighted by the Bookseller’s Return Program, a key component of success when dealing with bookstores. Maximize your chances for book sales success, creating a nice-looking book with many of the features you need to keep your book on the top of bestseller lists!

The Bookstore Premier Pro Package; a clear choice...

Bookseller's Return Program allows sellers to return unsold copies of your book, a key feature that most retailers require before they will purchase and stock your books.

Elite Interior Design: A one-on-one consultation with an iUniverse book layout specialist takes your interior design to the next level.

Social Media Setup Guide helps you jumpstart your activity on popular social platforms, helping you boost and build an online presence to sell to consumers around the globe via all-important social media platforms.

The Bookstore Premier Pro Package Includes:

One-on-One Author Support • Author Volume Discounts
Elite Cover Design • Personalized Back Cover
ISBN Assignment • Worldwide Book Distribution
ePub Format & Distribution • Barnes & Noble "Read Instantly" Feature
Amazon "Look Inside" and Google Preview • 15 Softcover Books
50 B&W Image Insertions • Editorial Evaluation
Copyright Registration • Library of Congress Control Number
10 Free BookStub™ Cards • Star Program Eligibility
Editor's Choice Eligibility • Rising Star Eligibility
Cover Copy Polish • Social Media Setup Guide
Elite Interior Design • Book Seller's Return Program

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