Explorer Package

A talented wordsmith like you definitely deserves a bundle that's designed to reach more readers. Our Explorer package can help you find your audience through its a robust combination of marketing services such as Booksellers Return Program and an interview with The Book Connection Show.

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This service is ideal for:

  • Authors who require design customization
  • Authors who want guidance from a professional editor to refine their story
  • Authors who want more bookselling support

Inside the Benefits of the Explorer Package


  • Format Availability - We will publish your book in softcover, hardcover, and e-book. Contact your Publishing Consultant to discuss the trim sizes available for your type of book.

  • Book Cover and Interior Design

    Custom Cover Design - An iUniverse cover designer will help bring your book to life by using image manipulation to incorporate five or more design elements to create a unique cover artwork.

    Custom Page Design - Customize our industry-standard sample interiors to create a truly unique page layout.

  • Image Insertions - You can submit up to 75 interior images or graphics for your book. Speak to your Publishing Consultant about color publishing if you’d like these interior images printed in color.

  • Electronic Galley - iUniverse will send you electronic drafts of the cover and interior of the book for your review and approval before your book goes title live.

  • Cover and Interior Revisions - If you’d like to make changes after reviewing your electronic galley, your publishing package includes two(2) rounds of cover revisions and two(2) blocks of 50 interior revisions, so you can be sure that your book reads and looks exactly the way you envisioned before it completes the publishing process.

  • ISBN or International Standard Book Number - Your book will be assigned to an ISBN, a unique identifier to help book buyers easily find and order your book.

  • Online Distribution - After you approve the electronic galleys, your book will be made available through a number of distribution channels so you book can be ordered on popular retail sites like Amazon, Google, and Barnes and Noble. Librarians and booksellers can also order copies through trusted wholesale distributors like Ingram and Baker & Taylor.

  • Amazon, Google, and Barnes and Noble Preview - Curious readers get a chance to see a sneak peak of your book—about 20% of it—randomly selected by Amazon or Google or on the Barnes & Noble online bookstore.

  • New Releases Section of Bookstore - As soon as it’s published, your book is listed and made available for sale on the iUniverse Online bookstore.

  • Featured Book Section of Bookstore - Boost your visibility on the iUniverse Bookstore for a month in the Featured Books section.

  • Enhanced Metadata Service - Book metadata details are the information librarians, booksellers, and readers use to search for new titles online or within a database like iPage. It usually contains your author and book information, BISAC categories, associated keywords, keynote and more.
  • Set Your Own Price - Set Your Own Price gives you the flexibility to adjust the retail price of the hardcover and paperback formats of your book.


  • Editorial Evaluation - The Editorial Evaluation is a detailed report on the observations of an evaluator about the strengths and weaknesses of your manuscript (rather than an editing of your manuscript). At the end of the evaluation, an Editorial Rx Referral will recommend the services of an appropriate editorial specialist—from a copyeditor or content editor to a developmental editor. The Editorial Evaluation also qualifies you for possible selection to our prestigious Editor's Choice program.  Editor's Choice Eligibility - iUniverse Editor's Choice is a recognition program for select titles that have the essential qualities of a professionally published book.

  • Cover Copy Polish - Another way to pique the interest of book buyers is a well-thought and polished back cover summary. Our professional copywriters will refine your hardcover flap copy, back cover copy, author biography, and keynote to make it marketable and attractive to readers.


  • Library of Congress Control Number - With a Library of Congress Control Number, your book will be numbered and linked to the United States Library of Congress, national libraries, bibliographic utilities and other book vendors, making it more accessible for librarians and book retailers.

Book Copies

  • Credit on your First Book Order - You’ll get a $1000 book credit which you can use to order paperback and/or hardback copies of your book.

  • Promotional Digital BookStubs - You’ll have 500 unique digital BookStubs that you can use in your online or local promotions. Each BookStub code is equivalent to one e-book download that your recipient can redeem through the iUniverse website.


  • $500 Credit for Marketing Services - Get a one-time use $500 credit that can be applied as a discount for future marketing services for your book.

  • Website Design with One Year Hosting  - A website is a critical element of any marketing strategy. It allows readers to locate you and your book online. Expand your promotional activities and raise your odds of being discovered with a custom website with a free one-year hosting plan.

  • Domain Name and Hosting Renewal  - Once your free one-year hosting period is over, this service guarantees that your website will remain operational and secure for an additional year.

  • Social Media Kit - Kickstart your online promotional activities with this comprehensive PDF guide on how to set up your social pages, maintain your social media presence and engage potential readers with a giveaway. Plus, custom book banners are designed for your profile pages.

  • Book Sales Savvy - Learn how to promote your book to your local libraries and book retailers with this PDF guide.

  • Print-ready Bookmark Design - You’ll be provided with a print-ready bookmark design that you can print on your own or through your local printer and use in your book launch and other promotional campaigns.

  • Half-Page Feature on BookMad online magazine - Get featured on BookMad, a quarterly web-based magazine where readers can keep up with the latest self-published titles. Visit past issues here.

  • Press Release sent to 500 Media Outlets - iUniverse will create a one-page press release using the information you provide about your book. Your press release will be sent to 500 media outlets. These outlets are selected based on location, your book’s genre, and more. Recipients may include magazines, newspapers, online publications, and radio and TV programs. And, when a request for a review copy arises as a result of the press release campaign, a copy will be sent to the requesting media at no charge to you.

  • Design Marketing Materials for up to Ten(10) Author Events - In any promotional event, you’ll need marketing materials. Maybe you want to display a pull-up banner or send out announcement postcards. Designing these can take time and special skills. Let our experienced designers help you with the creatives each time, which you can then take to your local printer. Plan ahead by sending your design requests at least seven days’ before your printing schedule.

  • Booksellers Returns Program - 24 months - We have no control over whether a bookstore will stock your book, but we can make sure we remove the usual barriers that discourage retailers. When it comes to stocking self-published titles, retailers will always prefer books that are returnable. This option enables them to return unsold copies to the distributors and mitigate their financial risk.

  • Facebook Announcement - Once your book will be available online for readers to purchase, we will announce it on our social media pages. The post will contain a graphic, a summary of your book, and the link to our bookstore page.

  • Bookstore Sell Sheet Digital File- One of our writers will help you create a professionally made sell sheet that you can show to booksellers or include in your media kits.

  • Interview on The Book Connection - Give more dimension to your story and writing journey through a pre-recorded 15-minute video interview held on zoom. Your interview will be added to the roundup of authors in The Book Connection. The Book Connection online show and podcast is dedicated to up-and-coming self-published authors.

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