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When searching for the freshest titles, readers used to scour bookstores while retailers searched in catalogs. With digitalization and the advent of search engines, discoverability is no longer limited to the physical or print avenues; now, metadata, a book’s “identification card,” plays a vital role to being found in online storefronts.

Optimizing book metadata can be confusing, even for experienced authors. This is where the Data Essential service comes in. With Data Essential, authors can have a chance to boost their book’s online visibility through enhanced and optimized metadata.

Here’s How Data Essential Works

  1. It starts with a quick assessment of your current book metadata. 
  2. Metadata specialists will optimize the metadata based on current search trends in Amazon, Google Play Books and other storefronts.
  3. We update your book listing using the optimized metadata on all channel retail partners.


What is a book metadata anyway?
Book metadata details are the information librarians, booksellers, and readers use to find their next great read.

Is Data Essential suitable only for certain types of books?
Data Essential is recommended for published books of all genres (must be Title Live).

Why and when do I need to update my book metadata?
Search trends change over time. To keep one’s book relevant and visible to readers online, it's best practice to update the metadata periodically. Here are sample situations where it’s ideal to update your metadata information:
  • New developments: You receive an editorial review or win an award.
  • Less traffic: You notice that there are fewer visits to your book page.
  • Relevance: There is an opportunity to connect the book to current events or popular topics.
Can I update my book cover with the new metadata?
Data Essential includes an optional cover resubmission to update the book cover to match your enhanced book listing.

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