Karl Julius Schröer and Rudolf Steiner:

Anthroposophy and the Teachings of Karma and Reincarnation

by Luigi Morelli



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Language : English
Publication Date : 8/3/2015

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 6x9
Page Count : 158
ISBN : 9781491771266

About the Book

Over the last decade the theme of the relationship between Rudolf Steiner and Karl Julius Schröer has received growing attention. It has been said that Steiner’s life task was that of spreading the spiritualscientific understanding of karma and reincarnation. And Steiner himself told us that, had Schröer being able to master intellectuality, he could have offered anthroposophy to the world. If this is true, this is only the beginning of numerous questions.

The lecture cycle Karmic Relationships, Volume 4, is at the heart of this exploration. In these lectures Steiner points us in the direction of his relationship with the Cistercians. Much is said that has rarely been explored and that offers us new keys to understanding. Steiner also points to his repeated attempts at bringing the teachings of karma and reincarnation, and their relative failure. These finally came to the fore in 1924, tragically close to Steiner’s death, which made the penetration of these revelations challenging.

From the above themes emerge a set of questions that this book explores in depth. How do the teachings of karma and reincarnation stand out from the rest of anthroposophy, in terms that justify an initiate’s specific life task? What do they require from us, and how is this diff erent from what the rest of anthroposophy demands? What is the depth and width of the teachings of karma and reincarnation? What are the fields of application that result from them?

About the Author

Luigi Morelli is the author of several books including Spiritual Turning Points of North American History, Spiritual Turning Points of South American History and A Revolution of Hope: Spirituality, Cultural Renewal and Social Change. The books center around the themes of spirituality, cultural renewal and the social question. Luigi has a passion for social change from a cultural perspective. He has had a long experience in working with the developmentally-disabled in the intentional communities of Camphill and L’Arche International. Over the years he has taught Nonviolent Communication. At present he lives in Ecovillage Ithaca, and is actively involved in community building and process facilitation.