Pocket Guide to your He♥rt™

Three simple formulas to keep you Authentic and Attractive

by Colleen Hoffman Smith



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Publication Date : 3/27/2009

Format : E-Book
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Page Count : 132
ISBN : 9781440130069

About the Book

Pocket Guide to your He♥rt™ will show you how to inspire your life as you recognize your own uniqueness, creating your future from peace instead of fear. By using The Inner Workout™, you can learn to live more authentically by letting go of past resentments, fear and anger. This life tool can keep you connected and open to peace and self-love instead of feeling closed with suppressed emotions that are heavy...you then become more attractive and comfortable in your life.

Colleen's book Pocket Guide to your He♥rt™ is an important tool that each of us can use to cleanse ourselves emotionally. I believe, to achieve a happier and fuller life, we need to find the inner peace that is an important part of our personal preventative health care. Pocket Guide to your He♥rt™ Program creates a support system for people to healthily take care of fear, anger, resentment and disappointment.
-Harvey Diamond co-author of the #1 New York Times bestseller Fit For Life and author of newly published Fit For Life Not Fat For Life

About the Author

Colleen Hoffman Smith is an author, facilitator, emotional intuitive and developer of The Inner Workout™ Program which she created as her emotional support system that transformed every aspect of her life. She has been sharing this powerful life practice for over 15 years empowering others to experience a life of unconditional love and peace that comes with emotional freedom. Fourteen years ago, her life crashed…physically, emotionally, and financially. From this place she had nowhere else to go but inside, and this inward journey inspired her to create the most important life tool we could ever need to feel comfortable in our lives. The Inner Workout™ became a daily exercise that kept her emotionally fit. She has inspired many to take care of their emotional body in a healthy way, so that they live their lives through an open and compassionate heart, connected to all that they are. This process helps you to BE the essence of love, peace, consciousness and oneness in the world; a purpose shared by her triplet sisters. Her clients would say, "Colleen I wish I could keep you in my back pocket!", which inspired Colleen to write her first book, Pocket Guide to your He♥rt™. Experiencing the dance of beloved love with her husband Bruce moved Colleen to share her relationship expertise in her next book, Pocket Guide to your He♥rt™ for Relationships. Colleen's third book is now available, The Inner Workout™ The Bridge To Emotional Fitness , and is her most comprehensive work yet – a complete guide supporting one's journey to inner peace; the bridge taking us from A to BE.