The Old Rose Informant

by Brent C. Dickerson



Book Details

Language : English
Publication Date : 12/28/2000

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 6x9
Page Count : 684
ISBN : 9780595158027

About the Book

This book is a unique and important compendium of some of the rare literature in Rose History, including the first-ever full English translation of the major written works of Jean-Pierre Vibert, pieces by him on culture, hybridization, nomenclature, exhibiting, and unsavory practices, as well as cutting-edge chapters by author and translator Brent C. Dickerson on the previously unknown first phase of many of the most significant rose classes, including Hybrid Teas, Bourbons, Damask Perpetuals, Chinas, Hybrid Perpetuals, Hybrid Chinas, and much much more! The reader will join in the probings and controversies as Rose Progress struggles with a proud heart and high hopes through the rich days when Old Roses were king. Dickerson's previous works *The Old Rose Advisor* and *The Old Rose Adventurer* revolutionized the study of Old Roses; this book,*The Old Rose Informant*, completes the trilogy and provides the capstone to his acclaimed and long-continued work. As is the case with few books in the field, the publication of *The Old Rose Informant*, with its humor, its new data, its many chapters of otherwise unavailable material, and its spirited and insightful looks at Rose Progress, is an important event in Gardening Literature. Also published by iuniverse is the author's useful and necessary research aid *Roll-Call: The Old Rose Breeder*.

About the Author

Brent C. Dickerson is the internationally-known author of the most influential books on old roses and their history, *The Old Rose Advisor*, *The Old Rose Adventurer*, and *Roll-Call: The Old Rose Breeder*. This book, *The Old Rose Informant*, is the capstone of his work.