by Mike Danford



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Language : English
Publication Date : 9/28/1999

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 6x9
Page Count : 124
ISBN : 9781583483770

About the Book

This is a story about an exceptional man who was searching for an exceptional woman and the unusual adventures that led to their discovery that the "one great love of their lives" was right in front of them. That this realization also fulfills a remarkable old man's dream is much like listening to the background music of a movie or observing the effect of a slow, gentle river current. The hero is very aware of the peripheral effect of his actions on those around him, and he tippy-toes through that maze with some amazing results, while his soon-to-be lover attempts to teach and guide large numbers of young soldiers en masse. The grandfather just hopes that Mother Nature will bring the two together without a serious explosion. The almost incidental benefit for NASA and the free world seems virtually secondary to what happens in the sleepy little town in southern Arizona amid the mockingbirds, cowboys and cactus.

About the Author

Mike Danford: Tall Tales Alive and Well in the Nineties

Mike Danford Born in the hill country of Texas and raised on the legends of Pecos Bill and Slue Foot Sue, storytelling just comes naturally to this former member of the "corporate bureaucracy".

In the spirit of the tall tales of early American folklore, comes Mike Danford's new book No Sudden Moves! That this story captures all the flavor of a yarn spun out while settin' on the front porch on a summer's eve is no surprise once you've spoken to the author. With a soft Texas drawl and a casual writing style born of a childhood filled with cowboys and cattle drives , Mike's first book is, literally a dream come true.

During his tenure in the corporate world, Danford started writing parables for the company newsletter, some of which were later printed in the local newspapers. "A small following developed to the point that I was kinda surprised and even embarrassed when strangers in the grocery stores would talk to me like I was an old friend." After retiring early from his job, "because I felt I just had better things to do", this father of five began writing full time; turning a habit formed of his love of telling stories for the amusement of others, into a new vocation.

Through a story who's life started as a dream, Danford's tale of a bear that learns to talk is an expression of his feelings about the misunderstood critters in this world. Noting that "most bears ain't really man-eating boogey men when treated with the respect due them in their space", Danford uses humor and an entertaining writing style to tell a tale filled with "lil nuggets of fact" about grizzlys. Facts gained through months of research in the Pacific Northwest where Danford now makes his home.

This may be Danford's first book, but it certainly will not be his last. With No Sudden Moves! only just recently published, he has two more books nearly finished and the seeds of a fourth are germinating.