So, You Want to Become a National Board Certified Teacher?

A Handbook of Teacher Tips for Successfully Completing the NBPTS Certification

by Jerry Parks



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Language : English
Publication Date : 9/10/2004

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 6x9
Page Count : 68
ISBN : 9780595327287

About the Book

As a teacher, you are already doing an excellent job in the classroom. Nevertheless, with the implementation of No Child Left Behind, and as more states encourage validation of teaching effectiveness, NBPTS certification remains the one standard by which you can establish unquestioned credibility.

National Board certification not only validates-but also reflects-excellent teaching. According to research provided by the NBPTS, board certified teachers outperform their peers in 11 of 13 key teaching dimensions. They are also more adept at recognizing why students succeed or fail on academic tasks, engaging students, and improvising when faced with unexpected occurrences.

Nevertheless, the NBPTS certification process is a daunting endeavor. As beneficial and validating as it may be, obtaining this certification is difficult, time-consuming, and challenging.

So, You Want to Become a National Board Certified Teacher? will aid you in your quest to pass the rigors of the NBPTS portfolio development and testing. It will take you step by step through each of the four entries of the portfolio compilation, and make sure you stay on track through every stage of the process.

So, You Want to Become a National Board Certified Teacher? is designed to offer successfully proven strategies to help you become more productive throughout the certification process, and avoid many of the pitfalls of the 60% first-time failure rate.

Chapters include readiness (self-examination), key 'buzzwords' to consider in writing your entries, critical teaching strategies to employ in the taping process, as well as numerous helpful websites for further assistance.

"I found this book to be very helpful and sound. For the 'newbies' I highly recommend investing in this book! Jerry is extremely knowledgeable and he helped me through the process "
-Eleanor Joyce, NBCT, Virginia

"Thank you for simplifying the process for us! The book has helped me tremendously in organizing my thoughts. Thanks for the impact you've made "
-Karuna Chettri, Montessori Primary Teacher, Maryland

About the Author

Jerry Parks earned B.S., M.A., & Ed.S. degrees in education from Eastern Kentucky University, and completed graduate work at the University of Kentucky. He became a Nationally Board Certified Teacher in 2002. He is a regular speaker at National Middle School Association conferences, and is currently department chairman and instructor of social studies at Georgetown Middle School in Georgetown, Kentucky. Feel free to contact Jerry with any questions, concerns, or comments about this book at:, or

Dr. Parks has also published two other books. His first, With Joseph in the University of Adversity: The Mizraim Principles is based on principles from the life of Joseph the Hebrew in the Old Testament. His second book, Teacher Under Construction: Things I Wish I?d Known, is a handbook to help new middle school teachers in their first year of teaching.