iUniverse’s One Cowrie Shell optioned for media adaptation

Self-published title was discovered at Author Solutions’ Book to Screen PitchFest

BLOOMINGTON, Ind. - Oct. 13, 2016 -iUniverse author Reuben Sparks has finalized an option agreement on his book One Cowrie Shell with Orlando Jones’ Legion of Creatives. Sparks pitched to producers at the Las Vegas Book to Screen PitchFest in June 2016, where Legion of Creatives was in attendance.

“I am excited to get my foot in the door [through Author Solutions’ PitchFest]…[after] seeing my first novel, One Cowrie Shell, published. It’s like seeing your children go off to college or get their first job. I hope this is the first of many opportunities.”

Noam Dromi, Legion of Creatives’ president, added, “Reuben Sparks has created a fascinating historical adventure that offers a fresh perspective on the latter days of the transatlantic slave trade and the American Civil War. The protagonist, a young African warrior, breaks into the U.S. in his quest to free several members of his tribe from the savagery of slavery. Reuben's impressive literary debut has a natural cinematic quality, and we're excited to partner with him to adapt his story into a powerful event mini-series.”

One Cowrie Shell shares the compelling tale of a young Yoruba tribesman’s journey during the 1800s to find his one true love, which takes him on a harrowing adventure across the Atlantic after being sold into slavery. Weaving together nineteenth century tribal life in central Africa with the nineteenth century Atlantic Slave Trade adds a gripping twist to a traditional love story.

Author Solutions has been hosting Book to Screen PitchFest events since 2011, with over 600 books pitched to over 150 different representatives from film, television and digital media companies. Self-published authors retain all the rights to their books, simplifying deal processes and providing a great source of untapped talent for Hollywood.

The next PitchFest is scheduled for November 4-5, 2016, in Los Angeles, California.

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