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Book Marketing and Self-Promotion

"Before anything else, preparation is the key to success." –Alexander Graham Bell

For many self-published authors, book marketing can be intimidating. But if it’s your goal to reach readers other than friends and family, then self-promotion is a must. Just like learning to write well and honing your craft, marketing also takes education and preparation – but iUniverse is here to help. Whether you’re just beginning to form your marketing plan, or if it’s already in full swing, browse the articles below for book marketing tips on everything from publicity to social media.

General Marketing Tips

Creating Your Ultimate Marketing Playbook

It's crucial that you develop a sound marketing strategy and adapt effective tactics as soon as you can, even though you are in the middle of say, proofreading and editing your manuscript and the cover design. Create Your Playbook »

10 Tips for Marketing Your Book

Before you can sell your book, you need to market it. The book promotion professionals at iUniverse have established a few key marketing tactics and tips to help you develop a great strategy for promoting your book. Get Marketing Tips »

How to Make a Sell Sheet

A sell sheet is a concise, one-page document that details the sales and marketing aspects of your publishing program. Learn how to create a great sell sheet in this article. Make a Sell Sheet »


Five Tips to Improve Your Bookselling Efforts

The reward of holding a copy of your published work is indescribable. But it's just one of the many exciting milestones in your journey to self publishing success. One key objective in your publishing journey is selling your book successfully. Bookselling Tips »

Sell Your Book Through Word of Mouth

Allen Weaver organically built interest in his young adult fiction novel when he used his network and imagination to market it. Learn how to take an innovative marketing mix and turn it into book sales. Selling Your Book »

Online Marketing


Learn how you can use this convenience feature from Amazon and Twitter to get the word out about your self-published book. Discover #AmazonCart »

Amazon Author Page

Help readers get to know more about you and your book with your unique Amazon author page. Benefits of an Amazon Author Page »

Maximize Your Book's Online Marketing with 5 Easy-to-Implement Tips

In indie publishing, the most crucial piece to your book's online marketing plan is you. As the author, you need to be actively engaged in promoting your book. Here are 5 easy-to-implement online marketing tips to help maximize your title's online presence and see sales roll in. Online Marketing Tips »

Keep Your Audience Engaged: Social Media Marketing Tips

Social media is the new way to reach a wider audience and it isn't going away anytime soon. Learn how to successfully use your social media marketing strategy and keep your audience engaged. Social Media Marketing »

Take Your Author Facebook Page to the Next Level

Indie author Steve Piacente shares how authors can make the most of Facebook as part of their marketing and platform building efforts. Facebook Book Promotion Tips »

Tips for Successful Blogging to Promote Your Book

Blog writing is becoming increasingly beneficial to help writers better communicate with audiences in an inexpensive way. If used effectively, blogs can help you to successfully market your self-published book. Blogging Tips »

Using Twitter for Effective Book Promotion

Bonnie Tranchenberg, the iUniverse author whose book Wedlocked made it into the top 100, says that getting on Twitter was the best thing she ever did for her book promotion efforts. Twitter Book Marketing »

Pin It, Now: Discover the Marketing Potential of Pinterest

If you're a self-published author and not on Pinterest, you should be. Author Steve Piacente tells you why, and he provides some best practices for using the site. Pinterest Book Promotion »

Goodreads Ripe with Potential for Writers Who Play it Smart

Goodreads is Facebook for people who enjoy life between the covers. Indie author Steve Piacente shares how authors can make the most of it. Goodreads Marketing Tips »

Events and Outreach

Use Your Connections

Never underestimate the power of your personal network to help promote your book. Learn how author Amy Liptak Caruso found success in book sales by tapping into her local network. Networking Advice »

Getting Your Book to the Top of the Pile

It's all about being proactive when it comes to marketing your book. iUniverse looks at some simple marketing techniques you can use in your local community so you can get the best out of the events and media that is available to you. Marketing Techniques »

High Turn-Out for Author Events Requires Smart, Sustained Effort

Successful author events require a lot of work and planning. Here are some powerful tips for planning and executing effective author events. Author Event Advice »

6 Steps to Build a Street Team and Promote Your Book

Follow these six tips to build your own street team made of up volunteers who love your work and are committed to sharing it with as many people as possible. Street Team Marketing »