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Knowledge is power. Dig deep into iUniverse's writing, publishing and marketing resources and arm yourself with information and materials that will help you reach your goals.

Writing and Editing

For most authors, developing and perfecting their writing craft is a life long journey.Get someprofessional advice and simple tips to help improve your work. Writing Tips»

Publishing and Distribution

At iUniverse, we make it easy for you to get your book published. But there is some information about publishing and book distribution that's important for you to know as an author. Facts about Self-Publishing »

Book Marketing and Self-Promotion

Book marketing and self-promotion can be intimidating to new authors. But once you know the tricks, it's the most rewarding and beneficial aspects to making a name for yourself as an author. Learn Book Marketing Tips»

National Writing Contests

At iUniverse, we take pride in editorial excellence and encourage authors to participate in writing contests at the regional and national levels. We’ve compiled a list of writing competitions to help you get started.Visit the Contests Page »

Frequently Asked Questions

From getting started to royalty payments to book ordering, find answers to your questions in our FAQ. Search FAQ »

iUniverse Blog

Stay informed on the latest industry news, announcements and author stories on the iUniverse Blog. Read Latest Blog Post »