Lost Episode Guide For Others

An Unofficial Anthology

by Robert Dougherty



Book Details

Language :
Publication Date : 11/13/2008

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 6x9
Page Count : 408
ISBN : 9781440102882

About the Book

The final two seasons of "Lost" will be one of the most highly anticipated events in TV history. "Lost Episode Guide For Others" will help new fans and old be fully caught up before the final adventures of the Oceanic 6, their friends, and their mysterious enemies. Lost has thrilled millions and puzzled many who just couldn't get into it. The show is so dense and complex that it is extremely hard for new fans to jump into. How can someone become a new fan of "Lost" and disgest all the information in as simple a way as possible? "Lost Episode Guide For Others" seeks to be the answer to that question. "Lost Episode Guide For Others" provides a detailed guide to every episode in the first four seasons of Lost. The episode's plot, flashbacks, important details, amount of action, questions raised, talking points and more are listed in a simple, easy to understand format. Though Lost isn't always easy to understand, "Lost Episode Guide For Others" boils down every episode so newcomers can be fully caught up- and even devoted "Losties" can refresh themselves.

About the Author

Robert Dougherty has written extensively about "Lost", entertainment, pop culture, sports, politics, movies, and current events since becoming a freelance writer for Associated Content in 2008. He was the first ever copy editing intern for the Philadelphia Inquirer during his senior year at Temple University. Associated Content named him one of the top 100 Content Producers for 2008, as he analyzes the biggest stories of the day in articles that can be found daily on Google News. His debut book "Lost Episode Guide for Others" puts to use his comprehensive knowledge of "Lost", which he has gathered since watching the show from the very beginning.