STAR Program

What is the STAR Program?

The STAR Program is the highest and most sought-after designation among iUniverse authors. Those authors who have achieved high levels of editorial and bookselling success will reap the benefits similar to those of traditionally published titles.

How can my book qualify for the STAR Program?

Step 1: You must publish your book with a publishing package that includes STAR Program Eligibility.

Step 2: If your book meets high editorial standards, it will receive the Editor's Choice designation, which is a prerequisite of the STAR Program. Only titles that earn Editor's Choice, which recognizes commercial-quality book content, are eligible for the STAR Program.

Step 3: A title must sell 500 copies, with at least 250 of those titles sold through traditional retail markets, or 5,000 e-book sales for titles published in 2014 or later in order to be considered for admittance into the STAR Program. This shows us that you have developed an enthusiastic following by selling a solid number of books through retail channels. Just as traditionally published authors demonstrate marketability through retail success, self-published authors must also have a proven ability to target a book-buying audience and reach that audience using methods beyond direct sales.

Step 4: iUniverse will notify you when you qualify for STAR status, and ask you to complete the STAR Program Marketing Questionnaire.

Step 5: The iUniverse STAR Board will consider your application. iUniverse will invite you into the STAR Program only if it is deemed by the STAR Board that further investment will help you receive broader recognition and greater commercial success.

What are the benefits of the STAR Program?

  • iUniverse STAR titles are presented by the iUniverse STAR Program’s Rights Consultant, a veteran of the book publishing industry, to traditional publishing houses, international publishers and audiobook publishers for their consideration
  • A copy of your STAR title is sent to Barnes & Noble for considered placement within bookstores
  • A professional cover reassessment, including the following:
    • Revision of the back cover copy and author bio (if necessary)
    • A new ISBN
    • A new cover design (if necessary)
    • Cover Copy Polish, a professional edit of the cover text (if necessary)
  • Digital Formatting and Distribution (e-book)
  • Library of Congress Control Number Registration
  • U.S. Copyright Registration
  • Foreword Clarion Book Review*
  • Web-Optimized Press Release
  • Featured on the main page of the iUniverse Bookstore
  • 20 free books
  • Free publicity through iUniverse's Facebook and Twitter accounts
  • Industry-standard discounts on books
  • Opportunity for entry to nationally recognized book awards within the first year of publication
  • Booksellers Return Program
  • Placement of the STAR icon on the back cover of your book
  • Placement of the STAR icon next to your book title in the iUniverse online bookstore
  • Placement in a separate STAR Program section of the iUniverse bookstore

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*If the previous edition of the book had a Foreword Clarion Review, the Star coordinator will offer a different marketing service to replace this service.

Doug Gardham, author of The Actor, talks about iUniverse Recognition Programs and expresses his excitement about his book being awarded the STAR award.

Please Note: Due to the STAR Program’s focus on representing up-and-coming authors, back-in-print titles are not eligible for admission into the STAR Program. Also, sales numbers from previous editions will not transfer to new editions.