Rising Star Recognition Program

What is the Rising Star program?

Rising Star is a one-of-kind program that provides authors with enhanced opportunities for exposure on local, regional and national levels. Books that are well positioned for the market and authors who have a clearly identified marketing platform and the drive to effectively execute that plan are identified through the program.

How can my book qualify for Rising Star?

Step 1: You must publish your book with a publishing package that includes Rising Star Eligibility.

Step 2: If your book meets professional editorial requirements, it will receive the Editor's Choice designation after undergoing an Editorial Evaluation, which is a prerequisite of Rising Star.

Step 3: Authors whose books earn Editor's Choice and are published with an eligible package are then invited to apply for the Rising Star program.

Step 4: The review board will consider submitted applications. Authors who demonstrate strong marketing knowledge and the ability to work with iUniverse to drive book sales will be offered the Rising Star designation.

Step 5: iUniverse will provide professional design direction to Rising Star authors in order to ensure that the book's cover meets commercial retail standards.

What are the benefits of the Rising Star?

  • A copy of your Rising Star title is sent to Barnes & Noble for considered placement within bookstores
  • Booksellers Return Program (available for your softcover book only)
  • Rising Star Welcome Kit filled with insightful marketing and bookselling tips
  • Marketing Toolkit that consists of PDF files designed for your business cards, bookmarks and postcards for you to print as many as you need
  • Publicity through iUniverse social media accounts
  • Industry standard discounts for softcover books
  • Placement of the Rising Star icon on the back cover of your book*
  • Placement of the Rising Star icon next to your book title in the iUniverse online bookstore
  • Placement in a separate Rising Star section of the iUniverse bookstore

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*The Rising Star icon will be placed on the cover of books that receive the award prior to going live.

Joe Courtney talks about publishing his book, Life Above and Beyond the Rim, with iUniverse and earning the Rising Star award.