Editor's Choice Recognition Program

Music mogul Don Tolle's book, For the Record, earned the Editor’s Choice award from iUniverse. Tolle was thoroughly impressed by the care and attention he received during his publishing process.

What is the Editor’s Choice Program?

A prerequisite to the Rising Star, the Editor's Choice program is the first step to our higher-level programs and designations. iUniverse chooses only those titles that have the essential qualities of a professionally published book to be part of the designation.

How can my book qualify for Editor’s Choice?

Step 1: You must publish your book with a publishing package that includes Editor’s Choice Eligibility to qualify for this designation.

Step 2: Books that receive a positive Editorial Evaluation, our primary assessment of the editorial quality of your manuscript, are sent to our Editorial Board for careful consideration to receive the Editor’s Choice designation.

What are the benefits of the Editor's Choice designation?

  • Eligibility to be considered for the Rising Star*
  • Placement of the Editor's Choice icon on the back cover of your book*
  • Placement of the Editor's Choice icon next to your book title in the iUniverse online bookstore
  • Placement in a separate Editor's Choice section of the iUniverse bookstore

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*The Editor’s Choice icon will be placed on the cover of books that receive the award prior to going live. Books that receive the award after going live will be subject to a cover re-design fee if authors wish to include the logo on future printings.