Book Marketing

If you are looking to become a successful professional writer in the self-publishing space, marketing is a necessity. If your goal is to write a book that others will read, you have to self-promote. For many people it isn’t easy. It certainly takes a lot of preparation, knowledge, and marketing savvy, and for a lot of writers—creative types—it just doesn’t come naturally. The marketing services at iUniverse will help you create marketing campaigns that will help you get your book out to the world...and into the minds and hands of readers. 

iUniverse's marketing services will increase visibility and knowledge of your self-published book, increasing sales and finding publishing success

Book Marketing Services

Our award-winning publishing packages are jammed with the best professional marketing services, designed to make the process of introducing your book to the world an easier, more successful task. Services include:

  • Editorial Evaluation
  • Barnes & Noble "Read Instantly" Feature
  • Cover Copy Polish
  • Amazon "Look Inside" and Google Preview
  • Elite Interior Design
  • Booksellers Return Program
  • Book Signing Kit
  • Trifecta Review
  • Author Website Setup
  • Display Advertising on Google
  • Digital Discovery
  • ...and so much more!

General Marketing Tips

While marketing your book can become complex (after all, many high-profile authors hire a team of publicists and marketing professionals to handle their PR), you can do some of it on your own (with a little help, of course). Here are some of the basics of book marketing:

  • Identify Your Target Audience-While it’s easy to think “my book is for everyone,” the reality is a certain demographic likely to buy it. You need to define whether your book appeals more to men or women, and what ages they are. Would you market a children’s book to single 25-year-old men, for instance? Of course not. So while you’re writing and when you’re marketing, aim your book at a certain audience, specifically the ones who will put money on the counter for it.


  • Create a Marketing Playbook-You’re not going to get very far by winging it. Develop a strong plan, including your overall goal, what actions you are going to take, and how you’re going to achieve your publishing goals, including publicity, social media strategy, establishing which outlets will sell your book, what to do with unsold copies, whether you’re going to hold book signings or other publicity events, and how to build a fan base.


  • Make a Sell Sheet-A sell sheet is essentially a flier or brochure that lays out the basics of your book—a synopsis, price, category, where you can get it, and things of that nature. A professionally created sell sheet is a strong tool for you to present to buyers and booksellers alike and can be included in media kits.


  • Hit the Internet. Hard.-If you aren’t marketing your book online, you aren’t trying hard, and you probably aren’t going to sell many books. While you are writing your book you should be already in marketing mode: you can blog, maintain a social media presence, establish and maintain an author website, and do plenty of other things to generate attention to and interest in your book. This establishes fans of your work, and gets people interested in your book.


  • Set up marketing events-Attend trade shows and conferences, hold book readings and signings, and similar events to increase awareness of your book, sell copies, and establish yourself as an author. By meeting the public—the people who are buying your book—you make yourself more accessible, and make readers more likely to remember who you are and what you do.


If this sounds overwhelming, it doesn’t have to be. iUniverse has a team of marketing pros to help guide you through the process, showing you the steps to take, the strategies to employ, and the moves that doesn’t just make your book available to people, it makes them go seek it out. Whether you need help developing a social media strategy, setting up a webpage, or booking a book show, we can help equip you with the tools you need to help you maximize your sales potential.

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