Giving Fellow Servicemen and Women a Voice

Sergeant First Class William R. Graser, USA (Ret), is no stranger to the military. Recruited in 1965 by the United States Armed Security Agency, Graser served in Korea, Vietnam, Thailand, Germany, and West Berlin. Its his time in the service that inspired him to share not only his story, but the story of veterans like him.

iUniverse author William Graser holding his published book Veterans' Reflections: History Preserved.
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It's about preserving history

Graser wanted to ensure veterans' stories were recorded for generations to come; to ensure those who fought for their country were remembered for their sacrifice and their service. Featuring over sixty first-hand accounts from veterans who served from WWII to Afghanistan, Veterans' Reflections shares the heart-wrenching, tragic, and even funny stories these men and women lived.

... and sharing it authentically

Graser's method, which weaves the veterans’ own stories into an historical overview of specific conflicts, gives a clear view of what really happened. The soldiers’ accounts go well beyond the war’s scorecard and reveal some of the actual fears and experiences of the participants.

In Veterans' Reflections: History Preserved, William Graser shares veterans' stories, including his own.

William Graser on publishing to preserve history

Veterans’ Reflections: History Preserved by William R. Graser

"All of us veterans are not going to be here forever, and we finally have something in our hands ... There’s my story and theirs and they can pass it on to their grandchildren or their family. It’s just great."

William Graser

About the Book

Through firsthand accounts of veterans who served during World War II, the Cold War, Korean War, Cuban Missile Crisis, Vietnam War, Korean DMZ Conflict also known as the Quiet War, and Operations Desert Storm and Enduring Freedom (Afghanistan); you’ll find yourself paying tribute to each and every veteran.

The stories of personal sacrifice, commitment, and valor demonstrate the values that have made the United States of America the envy of the world. Sixty veterans recall their time in uniform, sharing stories that are tragic, heart wrenching and sometimes funny. These stories provide an excellent opportunity to gain an understanding and appreciation of veterans.

Book Reviews

"Anyone can tell the facts behind a story, but those who have lived it can share insights no secondhand history can match."

– US Review of Books

"This book is a remarkable tribute to the sacrifice made by our veterans who fought for our country."

Pacific Book Review

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