DEA special agent shares behind-the-scenes glimpse in Tweeker Parade

DEA training was a dream come true for iUniverse author Philippa LeVine. The guaranteed excitement drew her attention. After graduating in 1984, Philippa started her career as a special agent in her hometown of New Haven, Conn. and was then transferred to San Diego after only two months. Philippa worked meth labs and money laundering investigations there for 30 years. She realized that those 30 years were full of stories, but never thought of writing them down until boredom struck in retirement.

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From Stories to Published Book

Philippa wrote Tweeker Parade to provide a humorous, insider’s perspective on investigating meth labs in San Diego, California during the 1980’s biker heyday.

Upon a friend’s recommendation, Philippa looked into self-publishing with iUniverse. Because she thought this might be the only book she ever writes, Philippa chose a publishing package with additional editing services to ensure it would be as professional and polished as possible.

“Without taking advantage of iUniverse’s publishing and editorial services, I never would have gotten my story told in the right way.” - Philippa LeVine

Success for Tweeker Parade

Tweeker Parade piqued the interest of studio executive turned producer John Sacchi and his colleague Matt Groesch, who appreciated its “fresh approach to the crime genre.” Sacchi’s 5 More Minutes Productions will produce LeVine’s memoir for television.

Philippa LeVine's expresses the excitement she had when her novel Tweeker Parade caught the attention of Hollywood.

Tweeker Parade Catches Attention of Hollywood

To learn more about LeVine's experience publishing with iUniverse, watch her interview here .

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Tweeker Parade by Philippa LeVine

"I’m excited for the book to be adapted into a television series, and I definitely never thought that would happen!"

Philippa LeVine

About the Book

This wickedly funny non-fiction book spans the 30-year career of (retired) DEA Special Agent Philippa LeVine. She spent the bulk of her early years in a clandestine lab group chasing methamphetamine cooks and tweekers. In salty sarcastic cop-speak, she provides a unique insight into investigating meth labs in San Diego, California during the 1980’s biker heyday. Follow her through the investigation of a chemical supplier involving murder for hire, buried treasure, and of course, meth labs.

Later she rises to the pinnacle of mid level bureaucracy taking us deep into DEA Headquarters for a look into one of the scariest places of all. You will laugh out loud as you learn the truth about meth, the pharmaceutical companies and federal drug law enforcement.

Book Reviews

“I literally had tears from laughter while reading this hysterical DEA's perspective of the war on drugs, specifically meth. Being one of the first female agents in a male dominated field gives LeVine a unique perspective... And boy, is her perspective hilarious! If you loved Breaking Bad, you'll love this book…” Continue reading

“Great read. I have traveled some of the same roads as this author and she nailed it. This book is perfect for those who were there and for anyone interested in enjoying an unusual and humorous inside look at the United States government efforts to combat the meth epidemic.” Continue reading

“Philippa LeVine pulls no punches. If you like books about seamy underworlds most of us fail to understand, this is the real deal. Her direct tone, right out of the narration of 'Goodfellas,' locks you in for the ride until the last page. The blurred lines of being an agent are portrayed with honesty and realism. As poignant and raw, and just as 'wild,' as that of Cheryl Strayed.” Continue reading

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