Independent Historian Turned Indie Author

Justin C. Vovk, an author and independent historian of Slovenian and English background, began documenting and cataloging all the royal houses of Europe since the beginning of the Late Modern Period. It was this research into the complexities of royal marriages that inspired Vovk to write a royalty encyclopedia.

He published the first volume, In Destiny’s Hands: Five Tragic Rulers, Children of Maria Theresa, with iUniverse in 2010. His second volume, Imperial Requiem: Four Royal Women and the Fall of the Age of Empires, is a story of four women who reigned together at the end of the age of empires when Germany, Austria, Hungary, Russia and Great Britain all collapsed in some form or another. This book was published in 2012 through iUniverse, and it quickly won the iUniverse Editor’s Choice designation.

iUniverse author Justin Vovk sitting in a chair holding his book Imperial Requiem.
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Phenomenal one-on-one support

Vovk was pleased to work one-on-one with representatives at iUniverse. “The level of advice and guidance they gave me was just phenomenal. I really enjoyed working with them,” says Vovk.

Paying Tribute to the Past

“It’s important to show what these women went through. They’re often overshadowed by their more-famous husbands and they were just as important," says Vovk.

Some of Vovk’s most memorable moments as an independent journalist include reporting on the 2008 Summer Olympics in Beijing and Kosovo's highly controversial declaration of independence from Serbia. He is currently working towards a doctorate in history.

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Justin Vovk describes his “phenomenal” experience with iUniverse’s editorial process.

Interview with Justin Vovk

Imperial Requiem by Justin C. Vovk

"I was blown away by the credentials of the people who would be editing my book."

Justin Vovk

About the Book

Augusta Victoria, Mary, Alexandra, and Zita were four women who were born to rule. In Imperial Requiem, Justin C. Vovk narrates the epic story of four women who were married to the reigning monarchs of Europe’s last empires during the late 19th and early 20th centuries.

Book Reviews

“This book is one of the most interesting books on this subject, such detail and beautifully written. It was a joy to read. I couldn't put it down.” Continue reading

“From the first page to the last, the detail given by the author takes you back to a place and time long gone and makes you feel that you are there watching history unfold.” Continue reading

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