The iUniverse Guide
to Supported Self-Publishing

Build Your Book on Our Foundation of Excellence

You don't have to search long to find a self-publisher. But when you expect more from your supported self-publishing partner, one option becomes clear.

iUniverse was founded on traditional publishing roots with the belief that the best in book publishing should be available to all authors. So we hold ourselves to a higher standard and provide you with opportunities for editorial excellence and professional advancement.

Discover why iUniverse is peerless in the world of self-publishing.

Take Your Book Beyond

Publishing is just the beginning. iUniverse can help you take your book places.

Maximize Your Book's Potential for Success

Exclusive tools to help you work toward editorial excellence.

You’ve put a lot of work into writing your manuscript, and at iUniverse we don’t think anything should stand in the way of reaching your publishing goals. We understand that it takes more than simply writing a manuscript to publish a quality book. That is why we provide you with the necessary tools to help you publish a book that meets industry editorial standards and maximizes your book’s potential for success.

  • Editorial evaluation: Included in most of the iUniverse publishing packages, this manuscript checkup is an overview of the strengths and weaknesses of your work.

  • Editorial consultant: iUniverse editorial consultants will review your editorial evaluation with you, answer your questions, and enroll you in the best editorial services that best meet your needs and goals.

  • Editorial services: iUniverse offers more than a dozen services to help enhance your authentic voice and writing style and increase the professional quality of your book.

Learn how your book can benefit from these tools at

Recognition for a Book Well Done

Publishing a book may be applause-worthy, but iUniverse authors can experience an even greater response. Our recognition programs not only come with bragging rights, but also benefits that can help improve the marketability of your book.

Recognition is the path to success for our bestsellers! Our Editors Choice Recognition Program rewards and supports high-quality titles and authors dedicated to reaching their goals.

iUniverse watches up-and-coming authors with proven editorial quality and a strong marketing platform for inclusion in the Rising Star program. Benefits include presentation of your book to major retailers, such as Barnes & Noble, for possible placement within bookstores.

Learn how you can qualify for iUniverse recognition programs at

Connecting the Dots

iUniverse brings it all together to create the most professional version of your book.


You want a book you can be proud to share. Whether your manuscript needs a little or a lot of polishing, the iUniverse editorial team offers its critical eye to help make your book as clean and ready for readers as possible. In fact, our editorial evaluation is what helps set iUniverse titles apart in the marketplace.

Why Wait to be Great? by Terry Hawkins

"The iUniverse editing actually was themost profound part for me. Your gift isthat you write well. Their gift is that theymake you look like an even better writer than you actually are."

- Terry Hawkins, Why Wait to Be Great? It's Either Now or Too Late, iUniverse title acquired by Berrett-Koehler

Cover Design

You bring your idea; our designers bring the expertise, and from our combined efforts emerges a cover that's as personally satisfying as it is professional.

Interior Design

Margins, spacing, image placement – no worries. Our skilled book production team understands how to design the right interior layout to complement your book's genre.


Let's make it official. ISBN and U.S. Copyright registration are musts for any serious author. But you have better things to spend your time on, so iUniverse handles all the logistics for you.


You want people to be able to buy your book anytime, anywhere. Publishing with iUniverse means your book will be available through,, and thousands of other online book retailers worldwide.


You won't have to rent a storage unit to house books. iUniverse lets you order as many copies as you need (at author discount pricing for volume orders) delivered straight to your door.


You can have it all, and your readers can too. We deliver e-book formats that can be read on most major devices (iPad®, Kindle™ and more) as well as bookstore-quality printing of paperback and hardcover books.


Self-publishing your book means you can profit from its success. As an iUniverse author, you'll receive a royalty check based on the number of print and e-book sales made through the retail channel or iUniverse website each quarter.

Get started by finding the right publishing package for your goals at Publishing Packages.

iUniversal Appeal

Marketing Globe

Target your audience with the right marketing mix.

Wrong Lane by Greg Dobbs

"My iUniverse publicist spent three months publicizing my book. I couldn't be more impressed with what she did and how she did it. My publicist is creative, energetic, persistent, organized and accessible."

- Greg Dobbs, Life in the Wrong Lane

Today's most successful writers are promoters as well as published authors. Make your transition from publication to promotion with help from our wide-ranging expertise and opportunities. See the scope of iUniverse author-marketing services at


Your book can make its public debut in some of the most widely seen publications and even be featured on television, radio and more.


Best-selling authors, big-name publishers, Hollywood executives and you – iUniverse gives you the chance to sell and celebrate. Leave your mark at top-publishing industry events, such as:

  • Los Angeles Times Festival of Books
  • Miami Book Fair International
  • Book-to-Screen PitchFest
Shades of Truth by J.K. Scott

"Participating in the LosAngeles Times Festivalof Books became a life-altering career experience.When it was time for meto sign my book, therewas a long line of readerswaiting at the table. Thatmoment will be foreveretched in my memory."

- J.K. Scott, Shades of Truth


Few things are more beneficial for a book than a positive review, feature article or online following. Enter the news cycle with help from the iUniverse publicity team, which can work to spread the word and find you coverage, not to mention show you the ropes.


Seeing is believing, especially when views, likes and shares indicate what resonates with audiences. Author and book videos help your book get in front of readers, so that they can get behind it.

Without Grace by Carol Hoenig

"I had hand-holding along the way if I didn't know how to do something."

- Carol Hoenig, Without Grace

We're on the Same Page

… and that's a great place to start.

Your book is in good hands with iUniverse. Before long, we can have a good book in your hands too.

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