How often do you send out royalty payments?

The Quarterly Schedule is as follows:

1st Quarter
Sales Period: January 1 through March 31

2nd Quarter
Sales Period: April 1 through June 30

3rd Quarter
Sales Period: July 1 through September 30

4th Quarter
Sales Period: October 1 through Dec. 31

There is a reason for the gap between when the quarter ends and when the payment is made. This is due to the delay in retail sales being reported to us by the distributors. They send this information to us 4 to 6 weeks after the close of each quarter. We then compile those sales with the iUniverse sales for the quarter and audit the report 3 times before creating the report. To have an idea of how your book is selling during a quarter, you can always log on to your Author Center account to view sales through iUniverse. However, sales placed directly through the distributor will not be listed on the iUniverse page, as they are only reported to us quarterly.