It's All About You and Your BOOK

In your life, you found a discovered passion for writing and wrote a manuscript. iUniverse wants to know all about it. When was the moment you started putting pen to paper? Why did you decide to start writing? We want to know it all, and answering these questions lets iUniverse know the best way to kick-start your publishing journey.

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“I really enjoyed the process of seeing the cover I chose, as well seeing how the chapters would look. The whole process was exciting and a great learning experience.”

- Kelly Rose Saccone, author of Gift of Dreams

“The professional polish of the book followed by the marketing follow-through was seamless. Even more important, I remained in control of content and had final say in what stayed and went.”

- Dr. Robert Buckingham, author of Hazing Aging

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“The iUniverse staff has been absolutely great to work with. They are very professional, and are always willing to answer questions. As a new author this was very important to me, and iUniverse certainly delivered!”

- Woody Goodell, author of Beyond the Boundary and Seven Children of the King

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“My favorite part of the publishing experience with iUniverse was working with the editor. I really enjoyed the feedback and the advice really helped me publish the best version of Bridal Veil.”

- Monica Wright, author of Bridal Veil