Editorial Rx Referral

Not available for purchase. This page is designed to give you more information about the service and why it’s important for your book.

When you receive an Editorial Evaluation, the evaluator doesn't just tell you what's amiss; he gives you a specific recommendation for the exact level of editorial work your manuscript needs. We call this recommendation an Editorial Rx Referral.

A Note About Editorial Rx

If you receive an Rx Referral with a recommendation for a particular level of editorial work on your manuscript, you have the option to make the changes yourself, hire your own editorial services provider, or employ one of our carefully selected publishing professionals. The choice is yours. The recommendations in the Rx Referral are precisely that—they are suggestions, not requirements. At iUniverse, authors always have the final word.

"I would like to thank the editor for a heroic job. My mother was apprehensive ... her book is intended to convey the thoughts of a child. The quirky language reflects this, and she was afraid the child's "voice" might be lost in the editing. I read the first few chapters of the edited manuscript to her. She was delighted! It is clear that this is a very conscientious editor and one to be trusted."

-Virginia Merrill, author of I Believe in Guardian Angels