Editorial Evaluation Examples

Here are some examples of the general questions answered in all Editorial Evaluations:
  • Is the selected category to identify the book appropriate for the target audience?
  • Is the general structure well-organized, and are the ideas clearly presented?
  • Does the last chapter provide an appropriate, meaningful conclusion to the work?
  • Does the manuscript contain frequent grammatical, punctuation or spelling errors?


  • Has the author demonstrated credibility in the subject area?
  • Is the material presented in an attractive, consistent and professional manner?
  • Does the content appeal to a wide audience or address a strong niche?
  • Is the text supported by appropriate documentation?


  • Is the basic premise interesting, believable and unique?
  • Do the plot and structure sufficiently hold the reader's interest throughout the novel?
  • Are characters believable and introduced for a clear purpose?
  • Does the dialogue sound authentic, and is it used effectively throughout the novel?


  • Does each title appropriately reflect the content of the individual poem?
  • Is the metrical scheme appropriate for the subject matter?
  • Does the content of the poetry offer multiple levels of meaning (both concrete and abstract)?
  • Does the poetry appeal to one or more of the senses?