Editorial Assistant - Copyediting

$70.00 per Hour

Prerequisite: iUniverse Copyediting. Please speak with your editorial consultant for more information.

Your editorial assistant will review each change and suggestion given during the Copyediting service and take action on each one.

Going through an edited manuscript can sometimes be a time-consuming process for even the most experienced author,as it requires decisions be made regarding each of the revisions, comments and, recommendations. For our busiest authors and for authors who may be unsure of their own ability to make the needed changes, iUniverse offers the Editorial Assistant service, in which a professional editor handles the editing work for the author.

Your editorial assistant will review each change and suggestion given during the copyediting and take action on each one, accepting changes, rewriting sentences, resolving queries and handling other revisions suggested by the original copyeditor. This service is ideal for authors who approve of most of the editor’s work on their manuscript and do not wish to work with tracked changes in their manuscript.

Estimate of cost is provided with your completed Copyedit.

Please note: There may be some questions or comments from the editor that you, the author, will need to address before moving forward with this service.

Call 844-349-9409 to order

or speak to an iUniverse team member for more information about this service

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