Library of Congress Control Number


Make your book more accessible to librarians and book vendors by cataloging it with the Library of Congress. When you purchase a Library of Congress Control Number (LCCN) through iUniverse your book will be numbered and linked to the United States Library of Congress, national libraries, bibliographic utilities and other book vendors so your book is easy to find. This unique identifier helps them access the correct cataloging data, which the Library of Congress and third parties make available on the Web and through other media.

The LCCN is a serially-based system of numbering and cataloging records. In its most basic form, the number includes the year of registration and a serial number. The year has two digits for 1898 to 2000, and four digits beginning in 2001. The three ambiguous years (1998-2000) are distinguished by the size of the serial number.

iUniverse is approved to give out Library of Congress Control Numbers so when you purchase this service we will work with the Library of Congress to obtain a control number for your title. We then print the number on the title page inside your book.

Note: If this service is purchased after your book has been published, additional fees may apply.

Some publications are ineligible for a Library of Congress Control Number. Read our FAQ for details.

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