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The Indigo Chapters Marketing Service is perfect for Canadian* authors who want to equip themselves with the tools necessary to create buzz in their community and build the foundation of their marketing efforts locally.**

The promotional items, books and companion marketing guide included in this service are designed to help you devise a marketing plan and attract new readers. The companion marketing guide outlines how to use the included tools to:

  • Build and manage accounts across social media platforms
  • Win fans, followers, likes and more online
  • Coordinate your marketing efforts
  • Schedule book signings and events
  • And more!

In addition to the marketing tools included in this service, we’ve partnered with Indigo Chapters, Canada’s largest book retailer, to give your book a chance for potential in-store stocking. Once your book is available for purchase, we will send a custom designed sell sheet, a one-page document that provides all the details about your book, to Indigo Chapters for stocking consideration. Regardless of their decision about carrying your book in their stores, your book will be available in the online bookstore as well as other key online book retailers.

What you get:
  • Indigo Chapters Review: Indigo Chapters will consider your book for potential in-store placement.
  • Custom Sell Sheet: We’ll custom design a concise, one-page document that provides all the details about your book for Indigo Chapters’ review. View Sample Sell Sheet »
  • 4 Online Banners: We’ll design four custom online banners for use on your Facebook page, website, emails and other online platforms.Indigo Chapters Local Store Ad Samples
  • 25 BookStub™ Cards: These small, plastic cards feature the cover of your book along with instructions and a code for one free download of your e-book.
  • 100 Piece Promotional Materials: These custom designed materials will include 100 business cards, 100 bookmarks and 100 postcards.
  • 5 Softcover Books: Copies of your softcover book can be strategically distributed to complement your marketing plan.
  • Companion Marketing Guide: This helpful PDF offers tips to help you create an integrated marketing plan using all the promotional items above.

Click on the images below to view larger samples of the BookStub™ cards and promotional materials offered with this service:

Bookmark - FrontBookmark - Back

MK Postcard - Front

MK Postcard - Back

Business Card - Front

Business Card - Back

BookStub card


Actual Size: 2" x 8"


Actual Size: 4" x 6"

Business Cards

Actual Size: 2" x 3.5"

BookStubâ„¢ Cards

Actual Size: 2" x 3"

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Dedicated to telling stories and creating experiences, Indigo Chapters continues to enrich the lives of its customers with books, e-books, specialty toys, gifts and lifestyle enhancing products that offer quality, beauty and timeless design at its 212 stores nationwide and online at Books remain at the core of Indigo Chapters’ business as Canada’s largest purveyor of ideas and inspiration.

Disclaimer:*This publishing package is available exclusively to Canadian authors.

**Book must have the Bookseller Return Program to qualify for this service.