by Terry Sweatt



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Language : English
Publication Date : 1/26/2022

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 6x9
Page Count : 284
ISBN : 9781663234940
Format : E-Book
Dimensions : N/A
Page Count : 284
ISBN : 9781663234957

About the Book

Do ancient curses actually exist? Are there really such things as haunted bogs, ghosts, wayward spirits, the "Skin Walker"? Science and logic repeatedly say not. However, if you search these topics on your computer, you'll find countless videos and stories that cannot be explained any other way. Sure, some are fake, most of them maybe. But some indicate that there is more out there than we realize. Those who manage to find their way out of the haunted woods report life-changing experiences, often rife with regret. What they saw or heard can never be "unseen". "Whispers From The Haunted Woods" takes the reader into the realm of the unknown. Hidden in the north Georgia forests lie graves, remnants, faint traces of habitation, evidence that someone was there before the white settlers first came to North America. Places long forgotten and undisturbed. Ask the locals and they will tell you why they give these areas a wide berth. Something there could still be alive and active. Something that wants to be left alone. This is the story of a group of Boy Scouts gone rogue. Seeking an ill-gotten lost treasure, ignoring the danger signs, they decide to go off the main trail into the unknown of the deep woods. What they find, and, more importantly, what finds them, gives credence to the local's fears. Are ancient curses real? Yes they are!

About the Author

A Georgia native and life long lover of the outdoors, Terry Sweatt is pleased to bring the "Whispers" story to life. A graduate of Georgia State University and with a background in radio and acting, Terry takes the reader into the forest for an amazing adventure, seen through the eyes of the main character, fifteen year old Les Harrison. History and mystery meet the past and present in a tale that will keep the reader intrigued right up to the final page. "Whispers From The Haunted Woods" is an action packed horror story, sprinkled with diversity, compassion and strife. It also teaches valuable history in a context never seen before. You are sure to be entertained. So put on your hiking boots and grab the sleeping bag. It's time to get out there and see it for yourself.