Structures and Visions

Readings from the Poetry of Ali Abdullah Khalifa

by Editor Abdessattar Jamai & Translated by Mary Saad Assel



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Language : English
Publication Date : 12/30/2021

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 6x9
Page Count : 280
ISBN : 9781663233912
Format : E-Book
Dimensions : N/A
Page Count : 280
ISBN : 9781663233929

About the Book

“The aim of this book is to offer readers a comprehensive academic reference where specialists, students, and researchers in the literary and critical affairs can refer to the issues raised by the poet, and the strategies and rhetorical methods invoked by his writings.” The manuscript clearly contributes to scholars and students interested in learning about the Arabic language through the writings of renown poet Ali Abdullah Khalifa. Each chapter emphasizes the political, economic, historical, phonological, syntactical, and grammatical elements of Arabic morphology and literature. The final chapter by French poet and researcher Geneviève Buono displays the power of Khalifa’s writings and how well his poetry displays a determination to make meaning of the world. Khalifa offers clear and concrete similes to get his views across. He offers readers the opportunity to reflect on the written word and create their own interpretations through rhyme scheme and irony. His words are strung together to form sound, images, ideas, and meaning defined by 10 researchers through their meticulous analysis of his work. —Abdessattar Jamai, PhD ________________________________________________________________________ Anyone interested in acquiring an appreciation of Arabic poetry should delve into this book. The authors of Structures and Visions turn each moment of Khalifa’s poetry into an emotional reality through a step-by-step explication of his writing. They examine with keen astuteness his language style and poetic skills. The resulting text, adeptly translated for the reader of English, emphasizes the uniqueness of Khalifa’s choice of words and unusual use of punctuation marks. Nancy Owen Nelson, PhD: Poet, and memoirist, most recently Divine Aphasia: A Woman's Search for Her Father If you are looking for poetry that merges language, culture, and history in a single poem, this book is for you. The analysis of Ali Abdullah Khalifa’s poetry is inviting and compelling as readers become deeply immersed in his life experiences and struggles resulting from the replacement of nature with modernized living. Ed Demerly; author of First Years: A Farm Boy Faces the Future; past president of the College English Association. Khalifa’s writing is deeply engaged with the world, specifically transformations driven by the demographic growth and conservational changes in Bahrain. His poetry and precise choice of words interconnect with various nostalgic elements, symbols, and images that provoke a reader’s curiosity. L. Glenn O'Kray, retired college administrator and instructor, editor/co-editor of six books, the most current¬—Building America: Immigrant Stories of Hope and Hardship.

About the Author

Abdessattar Jamai, PhD (Editor): Researcher of ancient Arabic literature, Sorbonne University, Paris. He specializes in discourse analysis and arbitrator of certain scientific journals. He has published many articles in various magazines and written a variety of books. His books include Narrative Discourse in the Days of the Arabs in the Pre-Islamic Period - A Pragmatic Reading (2021); Literary Discourse Analysis: Chapters in Theory and Practice (2018); Joint author -Literary and Recipient Discourse: Pragmatic Interactive Reading (2018); Octave Victor Houdas (2020); French publication - Georges Corm (2021); and joint author of–An Interactive Analysis (2021). He translated an Arabic novel into French: The Story Remains for a Writer by Sharifa Arabawi (2020). He also coordinated collective books: Linguistics and Literary Criticism Curricula (2019) and Al-Murabati and Al-Isra - To the Dwellings of a Fog (2021). Fathi Ouled Bouhada, PhD: Professor of Criticism and Modern Arabic Poetry, Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences, Tunis. He published: Joint author- Literary discourse and the recipient; Palestinian Resistant Literature (2016); and Visions of Reality in Modern Arabic Poetry (2021). Fawzia Saffar Al-Zaouq, PhD: Lecturer in Arabic Literature at the Language Institute of Tunis. She published: The Aesthetics of the Arab Folk Biography: Its Ingredients, Characteristics, and Connotations (2018); Perspectives on Modern and Contemporary Tunisian Literature (2021); Self translation in Arabic literature (1999); and The Crisis of Contemporary Arab Generations (1980). Majed Bin Ramadan: Researcher in Arabic Literature at Jean Moulin University, Lyon, France. He published: Literary Discourse and Reception, A Reading of Models of Modern Arab Criticism (2021); and Aspects of Experimentation in Elias Khoury's - The Little Mountain novel (2017). Mustafa Al-Khawaldeh, PhD: Researcher from Jordan. Tayeb Ould Laroussi: Algerian writer and journalist. His works include “Islam in China, Forty Years and a Year of Departure;” “Interview with the Tunisian writer Dr. Muhammad al- Juwaili;” “Ali bin Ashour and Early Death, Flags from Algerian Literature;” “Muhammad bin Abi Shanab on his works in Arab and Western Periodicals” in partnership with Dr. Ali Tablet. Abdallah Mohamed Gholam, PhD: Mauritanian researcher. His publications include: The Aesthetics of Meaning and Accuracy of Referral According to Al-Jurjani - Pragmatic Linguistic Study (2018) Sufism: The Necessity of Transcending Traditional Approaches in Morocco. Fouad Afani, PhD: Moroccan researcher. His publications include Secrets and Reading in Arab Creative Experiments (2018); Reception Theory, and The Migration Journey (2012). Fadel Aboud Al-Tamimi: An Iraqi professor. His publications include The Aesthetics of the Article According to Ali Jawad Al-Taher (2007); Early Stories of Mohieddin Zangana (2007); Rhetorical Readings (2008); Narrative Illuminations, Readings in Iraqi Texts (2010); and Iraqi Narratives, Illuminations in a Story - a Novel and Text (2013). Genevieve Buonot: French writer and poet. Her publications include Women of Argenteuil in Their Interior; Elard; The Golden Fountain; The Night of the Mandarins; and The Musician Prince. 3