The Madrinega Missiles

Book I: Infiltration

by Damien Hunter



Book Details

Language : English
Publication Date : 12/12/2022

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 6x9
Page Count : 290
ISBN : 9781663247186
Format : E-Book
Dimensions : N/A
Page Count : 290
ISBN : 9781663247179

About the Book

Madrinega, Central America, 1983: In this thriller of intrigue and guerilla warfare, Leighton, an American agent, poses as a left-wing journalist to infiltrate a guerilla movement fighting to topple Madrinega’s repressive dictator Eduardo Vilar at the height of America’s war against the Sandinistas in neighboring Nicaragua. His mission: Locate and recover four cruise missiles seized by the guerillas in a bloody attack on a military base. Leighton is nearly killed while pursuing a story about the brutal government bombing of a village with no known ties to the guerillas. Antagonizing Vilar’s regime with his news stories, he is soon arrested and tortured by the Secret Police, then released only to be given an ultimatum: Leave the country or be “disappeared.” Zorrita, the guerillas’ charismatic leader, employs psychological warfare by launching the first missile and destroying Vilar’s prize possession without loss of life. When Vilar retaliates with reprisal killings which trigger an uprising, further undermining his position, Washington increases the pressure on Leighton to find the remaining missiles as Zorrita arranges to spirit him away from the clutches of the Secret Police to a remote jungle camp. Sensing he is a friendly journalist able to sway American public opinion, she sets out to educate and seduce him into advocating for the guerillas’ cause, as he contrives to build her trust and learn the missiles’ location. But Leighton’s loyalties are quickly divided as their relationship unexpectedly deepens; Zorrita’s intellect, her force of will and sense of history, as well as her sexual allure, present Leighton with a formidable adversary...and ultimately a choice.

About the Author

Damien Hunter is a political consultant who had an active role in shaping California’s first laws regulating both medical and recreational marijuana. While still a student at the University of California at Berkeley, he wrote a paper on U.S. covert operartions against Cuba and their relationship to the Kennedy Assassination. He was subsquently approached by the Central Intelligence Agency regarding career opportunities and urged to “give it a thought.” He has traveled extensively in the Caribbean and Central America, gathering material for this, his second book. His first novel, Secrets of State, also featuring the character Jeigh Leighton, was published by iUniverse in 2004.