by Beverly Wright



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Language : English
Publication Date : 7/27/2022

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 8.5x11
Page Count : 44
ISBN : 9781663242693
Format : E-Book
Dimensions : N/A
Page Count : 44
ISBN : 9781663242709

About the Book

WHO IS BEVERLY WRIGHT? Let's Love, No, I mean Really LOVE Our Children: Beverly Wright, from the awesome state of New Jersey, is an average parent who loves children and believes optimistically in general child rearing and focused upbringings. Having seven of her own she fondly refers to them all as her "LUCKY SEVEN". She goes the distance in telling this whimsically rich, unfolding story. Many readers will come to see that parenting to her means that emphatic sacrifices will have to be made in order to live a life, and in the very same juncture, be responsible for a life or lives. Single parenting to Beverly means having to fill the shoes or wear the hat, so to speak, of both maternally and paternally instinctive and expected roles. No easy task in the initial sense of raising our children. Well then, if that all be the case, what do we do, where do we turn to for some concrete and credible advice on how to become a strong and actively connected role model for our children's children? Read on to let Ms. Wright take you on a journey which answers that question with a flair for originality and a sincere determination to leave the reader applauding her encouraging and comforting messages of Love, Sacrifice and Eternal Bonding. Discover a unique and bright new concept of children's books pages that also appeals to the older reader as well as to the adult reader. Enjoy! -BAW

About the Author

Beverly Wright was born in Long Brach New Jersey to Robert and Louvenia M. Wright and blessed to be loved and raised by her mother and a loving stepfather, Mr. Henry Walker. She was 8th of 9 children in her family. From the beginning, she needed to learn patience, tolerance, sharing and caring, but most importantly of all she needed to quickly adapt to respecting authority since she had to do as she was told by siblings older than her when her parents were away at work. Her school years in the Monroe Township educational system was filled with learning herself and people as well as the 3 R's. Life presented something new and fascinating to her at each grade level. Her fifth grade teacher, Mr. Etch was also Mayor of the little rural town, and Beverly even shared him and his generous guiding affections with his daughter Janet as her classmate. Beverly and her sibling's bus driver, the very nice and complacent Mr. McCarthy was the same driver every year, so she was given the opportunity to learn the personas of different titles of people in her life. Today you will find that she is home with her daughter Zakira, who is a young adult born with Downs Syndrome, nurturing and caring for her daily needs. Being home with Zakira has given this author the wherewithal to use her free time in developing her writing skills. She loves children and believes that special needs children are sent to special people in the cosmic scope of life as it is. Beverly's biggest aspiration concerning her entry into the world of literary expressions is for her messages to evoke a burning desire in grownups to respect and protect our children. She considers them our future.