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How to: Deal when you Think you Cannot Deal Some helpful tips to assist you in the right Direction.

by Constance Jackson M.Ed. LPC



Book Details

Language : English
Publication Date : 11/5/2021

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 8.5x8.5
Page Count : 52
ISBN : 9781663225054
Format : E-Book
Dimensions : N/A
Page Count : 52
ISBN : 9781663220493

About the Book

As a helping professional, I dedicate my life to helping children and their family, to the best of my ability, to have hope and a brighter future. During difficult times, therapy is not always the first choice and, in some cases, not easily accessible. There are several reasons people hesitate about therapy, such as the negative stigma of seeking help for mental health and mental illness, cost, lack of compatibility with therapist, location, insurance issues and now social distancing, during the Coronavirus Pandemic of 2020. Disclaimer: This illustration is strictly for support of others and not intended to take the place of a licensed therapist, providing therapy or counseling sessions. Seek medical attention from a helping professional, if at risk of harm to self and/ or others, by contacting 911 or going to your nearest emergency room. This interactive book was written with the aim of supporting those individuals who are supporting others. Its main focus is to help individuals, parents and helping professionals in need of help, with day-to-day struggles, their children, teenagers and others, coping with mental health issues and challenging behaviors. Additionally, during this time of Covid-19 Pandemic, this book offers support to those who are unable to go into an office, for face-to-face visits and those who are unfamiliar with working with said population. This interactive book is intended to help and support children, adolescents, teenagers and adults, who are going through difficulty manage their thoughts, behavior and emotions, while coping with life situations, mental health conditions and IDD. This book or any therapy services, cannot guarantee any specific results, outcomes or promises, but to facilitate you and/ or family member(s) to tap into their and your own power and strengths, to reach your goal(s). Everything you need is within you! This illustration demonstrates and describes some activities and exercises that can be used in the schools, home and communicating settings to begin the process of self-awareness, healing and moving forward. Therapy is about self-awareness and developing coping skills to navigate through life’s challenges. Being a helping professional, for thirty-five plus years, I realized I do not have the physical capacity to work endless hours, to help all of the children and families I would love to help, but by writing this book I can share some of the information and techniques I have used, acquired and learned, that have helped hundreds of children, families and adults, over the years. For me, this book is like my version of the story of “Saving the Starfish.” If I can help one, maybe I can make a difference in one person and even for the next generation. My version of the story is not helping people, one by one, but putting these skills into a written form, to share with all of those in need, simultaneous, maybe even around the world. This avenue seems much more effective and cost efficient. I hope this information has reached you. Remember, there is always hope! Note: in the book, functional coping skills will be underlined, to indirectly provide guidance and prompts to functional alternatives to manage challenging and difficulty situations/ behaviors. Be empowered to, mindfully, implement these healthy alternatives and coping skills in your daily living.

About the Author

Constance Jackson is a Licensed Professional Counselor, whose completed a Master’s Degree in Education with a specialization in Community Counseling and successfully passed the National Counseling Exam (NCE). She is qualified to counsel under the guidelines of Texas States Board of Examiners of Professional Counselors. Her formal education was received at U of H- Main and University of Houston- Victoria. Work experience includes: Schools, Day Programs, Community Centers, Hospitals (In-patient and Out-patient settings). She has helped hundreds of individual and families through conducting individual, group, family and couple’s therapy. Work Experience As of 2021, Counselor Jackson has worked 36 years in MH/ IDD (Mental Health/ Intellectual and Development Disabilities) Services. She has worked in private practice, various health care settings as a Behavior Intervention Specialist, Voc. Habilitation Manager, and Counselor/ Therapist/ LPHA/ Clinical Treatment Director of a Residential Treatment Center, all with the purpose of supporting and assisting individuals and their families. Lastly, Jackson has experience working with persons of varied ethnic, racial, sexual orientation, and religious backgrounds. Her goal and purpose are solely to help those she can help, when others have turned them away. Her moto, “Being, If I do not help, who will. So, I will try.” So many people are in pain, some due to past and present events. Some have been harmed through generational trauma, but there is hope. Jackson’s goal is to help our children and their parent/ families to heal and ease the pain to achieve their own personal goals. Theory of Counseling Counselor Jackson adhere to a combination of three framework of theories: CBT, REBT, and Solution Focus. 1). For CBT, developed by Dr. Aaron Beck. Cognitive Behavior Therapy focusing on the interconnection of your thoughts, behavior and feelings and how they affect the other. The goal is to reframe those thoughts for a more positive perspective. 2). The Rational emotive behavior therapy (REBT) approach to counseling, developed by Albert Ellis. This means we will be focusing on the here and now, not past or future event, refuting irrational thought and beliefs. (REBT) also focuses on educational and learning processes. Learning or teaching individuals new thoughts and behaviors patterns, resulting in possible resolution to the problem that brought you here today. 3). and Solution- Focus realm, developed by (Shazer & Berg) techniques may be used to reinforce successes and assist the client in gaining self-confidence and self-awareness with a clear focus of the client being the expert over their lives, and working within their own story; working to assist individuals to find alternatives to a more fulfilling life. The goal of therapy and the illustration is to reach self-awareness through an evidence-based approach. In this illustration the author will provide you with additional information and interactive exercises, to take home that will hopefully assist you in the home, school and communicating setting, if consistently applied. This illustration does not make guarantees, but to offer hope for a better life and to reach goals.