Thinking About It

Concluding Nonfiction Writings

by Steven H. Propp



Book Details

Language : English
Publication Date : 1/31/2021

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 6x9
Page Count : 300
ISBN : 9781663215727

About the Book

Steve Propp most often writes novels, with serious intellectual themes. But this nonfiction book contains writings and essays dealing with a wide variety of topics in the areas of science, religion, philosophy, and politics. The first section includes expansions of topics that were briefly covered in his earlier nonfiction book, Inquiries: Philosophical (2002). Subjects include: Science and the Multiverse; Time Travel; Extraterrestrial Life; Artificial Intelligence; Life after Death, and more. The second section consists of twelve “Lay Sermons,” such as could be addressed to a religious congregation, on topics such as: the Image of God; the Problem of Suffering; Social Justice; Forgiveness; hurtful “divisions” based on gender, sexual orientation, etc.; “Negative” images in the mass media, and others. The third section contains thirty brief topical essays, such as: Family; Education; Loneliness; Freedom; Authority; Justice; Progress; Individuality; Civility; Technology; Emotions; and even Holidays. The final section has several previously unpublished writings.

About the Author

Steve Propp lives and works in Sacramento, California. He has written the nonfiction book Inquiries: Philosophical, as well as many thought-provoking novels: e.g., The Debaters of This Age; What It Was All About: A Novel about the Women’s Movement; Saved by Philosophy; A Multicultural Christmas; and Beyond Heaven and Earth.