George Washington, A Dramatic Tome

Volume 2

by Anthony Pistilli



Book Details

Language : English
Publication Date : 1/25/2021

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 6x9
Page Count : 784
ISBN : 9781663216601

About the Book

December 13th, 1799, Mount Vernon, Virginia. A very ill George Washington is in bed dreaming. A light enters the room. Then a man, well dressed in the 18th century style, enters where the light is shining. George recognizes the man to be his dead brother Lawrence. “I’m a messenger, George, simply a messenger, sent here to show you your life. In your deeds, your words, in your spirit raised from the depths of your being. So let us start forth here where we will fetch your thoughts from your dreams. Right now in this one night we shall share your life’s memory. So dream, brother, dream a dream tonight. In your bed asleep, dream things so true. Dream of love, George, dream of desire, of loss, of gain, dream of sadness, of happiness, George, dream on the wonder of life, your life. And so George Washington is sleeping here. Dreaming

About the Author

I am 71 years of age. I reside in Toms River, NJ. A devout American Historian. The longer I have lived the deeper my respect and even reverence has grown for Washington’s legacy as our first president. The least I feel I could do is try to present him as a vulnerable flawed human being, like all of us. This only makes his legacy more profound.