The Nutrient Diet

A Cognitive Behavioral Approach to Diet, Impulse Control, Habit Formation, Eating Behaviors & Weight Management

by David A. Wright MD MM MBA MHSA



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Language : English
Publication Date : 5/19/2021

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 6x9
Page Count : 338
ISBN : 9781663210173
Format : E-Book
Dimensions : N/A
Page Count : 338
ISBN : 9781663210166

About the Book

“The vast majority of diet plans and approaches fail because they expect a person to make too many primary changes at once. In essence, they expect you to change overnight (instead of doing so gradually and naturally), leaving most dieters feeling frustrated and overwhelmed. And, plans, goals and objectives tend to fail when they require too many steps too quickly.”

The Nutrient Diet is a “Lifestyle Approach” for general & mental health based upon sound psychological principles. The Nutrient Diet is 50% Diet and Nutrition, and 50% Cognitive Behavioral Psychological Strategies for eating behaviors, dieting, impulse control and habit formation. The Nutrient Diet is the first book of its kind to take a “Cognitive Behavioral” approach to diet, nutrition, health, wellness, weight loss, weight management and lifestyle management. The Nutrient Diet truly is a “Trendsetter” in the diet, health, wellness, medicine, nutrition, weight loss, weight management and lifestyle fields. The Nutrient Diet also encompasses principles from “Ketogenic Diets” and “Ketogenic Approaches”, taken from insights, research data and clinical findings introduced to Dr. Wright by Dr. Christopher Palmer, the Harvard Expert on the ketogenic diet. Dr. Palmer has used the “Ketogenic Diet” in his practice for the past 2 decades.

“Being overweight, obesity, diabetes, hypertension, metabolic syndrome, peripheral artery disease, coronary artery disease, pulmonary diseases and other chronic health and mental health conditions are escalating because people are stressed out and their first impulses and reactions are to use food and alcohol to self-medicate,” Dr. Wright points out. “The Nutrient Diet shows you how to use planning, strategy, habits, rituals, actions, and behavior patterns (i.e., cognitive behavioral methods) so that they become allies in your weight-management, diet, and lifestyle goals. Together, these tools, methods, resources, strategies, and approaches will help you to develop healthy nutrition habits, lose weight, understand how foods work in your body, break food addictions, and develop better health and lifestyle practices — while simultaneously adding joy, happiness, and fulfillment to your life. Seeing Americans (including myself) gain weight during the COVID19 Pandemic inspired the writing of “The Nutrient Diet”, since obesity is a significant risk factor for increased morbidity and mortality associated with a COVID19 infection. Weight really does matter, especially during a global pandemic associated with an insidious, aggressive and highly mutagenic respiratory virus.”

When asked what he wants readers to take away from the book, Dr. Wright answers, “The keys to diet, weight management, and impulse control are habit and ritual creation, formation, and sustainment. Changing habits gradually and in a sustainable way is the only true way to be healthy and to maintain a weight and lifestyle that works for you. The key isn’t doing what everyone else does. The key is combining the science of nutrition with what works with your unique DNA, metabolism, lifestyle choices and individual health and weight goals. The real key is where science meets individuality and unique lifestyle goals and choices. These choices and habits all protect you from poorer health outcomes (including from viruses like COVID19). Maintaining a healthy weight prevents hospitalizations from COVID19.”

The Nutrient Diet was also inspired by the courage and confidence by which Oprah Winfrey took on health conditions like being overweight and obesity during the 80s and 90s on the Oprah Winfrey Show ®--taking away much of the stigma and shame associated with weight-oriented challenges and body image.

About the Author

Dr. David Wright achieved his MD in July of 2010, graduating summa cum laude [4.0 GPA] from Xavier University School of Medicine. His primary emphases in medical school were forensic psychiatry, addiction psychiatry (addiction medicine), and neurology. While attending medical school, Dr. Wright concurrently completed 3 Masters degrees back to back: an MHSA in healthcare law and policy, an MBA in healthcare administration and an MM in healthcare management. Dr. David is a physician (i.e., MD), a board certified hypnotherapist, a board certified NLP practitioner, a board certified coach, and a board certified TimeLine ® Therapy practitioner who specializes in non-pharmacologic, psychoanalytic and psychodynamic methods of helping individuals and groups to achieve positive changes and breakthroughs.

Instead of pursing a residency in psychiatry Dr. Wright chose to study and train in disciplines that were more in line with the techniques used by the Father and Uncle of Psychiatry, Dr. Sigmund Freud (The Father of Psychiatry) and Dr. Milton Erickson (The Uncle of Psychiatry), respectively. As such, he chose to approach mental health from a more natural, holistic, root cause-based, logic-centered and psychoanalytical and psychodynamic outlook instead of choosing an approach primarily based on handing out pills to simply address the surface symptoms rather than addressing the underlying, root causes (which is how psychiatry is generally practiced today). Dr. Wright believes that individuals, groups and communities need (society needs) more real, root cause-oriented, long-term solutions, not more pills. He frequently asks the question, “Do most Americans really want to be on yet another pill?” In 2016, Dr. Wright completed his formal training in disciplines outside of traditional medicine and psychiatry and opened his first practice, MLC Of Greater Atlanta, in Decatur, Georgia, across the street from Emory DeKalb Medical Center. Dr. Wright opened his 2nd practice, Atlanta Coaching & Hypnotherapy Associates (Also Known as Atlanta Coaching), in 2018. Both practices, the techniques that he uses and the therapies that he provides are based on getting to the underlying causes (i.e., Root Causes) of presenting symptoms so that they don’t remain chronic or reappear in yet another symptom pattern.

Dr. Wright’s methods and approaches to both general and mental health challenges empower his clients to gain the skills, agency and mental muscles needed to be successful in life—without the use of pharmaceuticals agents or addictive prescriptions (that have been frequently used in the past, leading to the opioid and benzodiazepine prescription pill epidemics that plague western medicine in America; essentially turning innocent, well-meaning, struggling patients into helpless addicts and unfairly stigmatized drug-seekers).

Dr. David’s specialties are Life Direction, ADHD, Anxiety, Worry, Racing Thoughts, Trauma, PTSD, Repeating Destructive Cycles, Emotional Ruts, Relationship Issues, Grief, Bereavement, Depression and Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD; AKA "Winter Depression). Dr. David has a very high success rate in helping his clients lose weight, better manage their chronic health and mental health conditions, stop smoking, fix their sleep problems (i.e., Insomnia), resolve grief, build self-esteem and self-confidence, get past mental blocks, overcome sadness and depression, remove psychological baggage and eliminate defense mechanisms and unsuccessful behavior patterns. By getting to the underlying root causes of symptoms, Dr. David provides his clients with therapies, methods, skills, mental resources and psychological strategies that enable and empower them to overcome their presenting symptoms and challenges and also help them approach life’s challenges and obstacles with proven strategies throughout the rest of their lives.

Dr. Wright is presently accepting new clients and referrals. Dr. Wright also provides consulting services to other healthcare professionals and is a featured speaker and corporate trainer. Dr. Wright is an expert in the areas of “Change Management”, “Personal & Professional Development” and “Performance Improvement.” Dr. Wright has helped hundreds of clients overcome life challenges and reset their life’s trajectory. His current books include “Sweet Potato Pie for the Spirit, Soul & Psyche (a Self-Improvement & Self-Empowerment Book),” “Tomato Bisque for the Brain (a Self-Improvement & Self-Empowerment Book),” and “The Nutrient Diet: A Cognitive Behavioral Approach to Diet, Impulse Control, Habit Formation, Eating Behaviors & Weight Management”.

In particular, Dr. Wright’s self-improvement books were inspired by Oprah Winfrey, Super Soul Sundays ® on the Oprah Winfrey Network ® (OWN) and by Oprah’s “Thought For The Day” Newsletter ®, which is featured on his website. The Nutrient Diet was also inspired by the courage and confidence by which Oprah Winfrey took on health conditions like being overweight and obesity during the 80s and 90s on the Oprah Winfrey Show ®--taking away much of the stigma and shame associated with weight-oriented challenges and body image.