G-d's Physics

A New Scientific Paradigm for the Twenty-First Century

by Jehonathan Bentovish PhD



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Language : English
Publication Date : 2/15/2021

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 6x9
Page Count : 350
ISBN : 9781532090370
Format : Hardcover
Dimensions : 6x9
Page Count : 350
ISBN : 9781532090387
Format : E-Book
Dimensions : N/A
Page Count : 350
ISBN : 9781532090394

About the Book

"God's Physics": A New Science Transforming the World & Our Life Science is currently undergoing a profound "Paradigmatic-Shift" from the Old "Material-Causal" Paradigm of 20th Century's Relativity Theory and Quantum Mechanics to the New "God's Physics" Paradigm: Succinctly stated, 'God's Physics' replaces our old way of looking at the world as created by a "random Big-Bang" nuclear explosion towards an exciting new realization that our entire physical universe, our bodies and minds, and our total physical and human existence are all being continuously created by a singular higher "Universal Consciousness Reality" – 'God'! Yes, according to this New 'God's Physics' Paradigm there exists a singular higher 'Universal Consciousness Reality' which "produces", "remembers", "sustains" and "evolves" every small "pixel" in our entire physical universe – including our own body and mind, helps and encourages us to lead a moral, purposeful and meaningful life! Indeed, according to this New 'God's Physics' understanding of the world, everything in our universe, e.g., from the tiniest cells in our bodies, every atom in the universe, every rock, plant, animal or human being – are all being produced and re-produced a "billion-billion-billion" times (per second!) by this singular higher 'Universal Consciousness Reality' (UCR), i.e., 'God'! Indeed, this profound new scientific discovery comes along with the realization that this singular higher 'Universal Consciousness Reality' cares about our own 'moral-choices', evolves every small 'pixel' in the universe as well as us as (intelligent conscious) human beings towards leading a Moral, Spiritual Existence within an "awakened" New Morally and Spiritually Perfected World! Therefore, the discovery of this new (exciting) "God's Physics" not only resolves the biggest unresolved "Scientific Enigma" that Einstein was working on for half of his illustrious scientific career – but also completely transf

About the Author

Dr. Jehonathan Bentwich is a Neuroscientist who was trained at 'Brookhaven National Laboratory' (NY, USA), invented an effective long-term treatment for Alzheimer's Disease and then went on to discover a transformative new "Computational Unified Field Theory" (CUFT) called "God's Physics" which resolves the biggest 'Scientific Enigma' that Einstein pursued, i.e., a complete unification of Relativity Theory and Quantum Mechanics. Over 30 scientific articles and Books have been published delineating this New 'G-d's Physics' which completely transforms (and revises) our basic understanding of the entire physical universe in which we live: from an apparently "random" "Soul-less" physical reality to a new profound realization that the whole physical universe, as well as our own body, mind and human life are nothing but a "manifestation" of a singular higher 'Universal Consciousness Reality' – 'God'! This singular, higher 'Universal Consciousness Reality' aims at the evolution of our own Moral and Spiritual state, as well as of every inanimate or animate element in the universe (plants, animals and human-beings) towards the creation of a 'Divine Perfect Existence' of the world! Dr. Bentwich is being invited to open International Physics Conferences to lecture about this new profound 'G-d's Physics' Paradigm for 21st century Theoretical Physics. He resides with his wife (and children) in Israel, leading a Jewish Religious 'Chassidic' Life as a (devout) follower of the Living Example of the Great Lubavitcher Rebbe.