What Does God Do All Day in Heaven?

How God is involved in our lives

by Vicki Case



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Language : English
Publication Date : 7/29/2019

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 6x9
Page Count : 98
ISBN : 9781532077234
Format : E-Book
Dimensions : N/A
Page Count : 98
ISBN : 9781532077241

About the Book

“All Day in Heaven” gives answers to questions we all face in our lives. Each topic is followed by new and much-loved Bible verses written in clear, easy to understand language.

Whether we face problems or just want to know what God thinks about a particular topic...this book gives some of the answers.

Also included at the beginning of this book are two additional articles
“What our Forefathers thought about Christian Education” plus “Do you believe in Spiritual Warfare?”

Why you may want to read this book
- If you are a new Christian and have no idea how to read Scripture, this book is a great roadmap.
- If you’ve been meaning to do a word study to find scriptures on topics like faith, love, Heaven the scripture search has been done for you.
- If you’re concerned about your children or grandchildren not reading the Bible, each chapter discuses different topics.
- If you have friends that you would like to introduce to scripture, this book will help them know why you love the Bible.
- If your spouse doesn’t know about the Bible, let them read important topical explanations with supporting scripture.
- If you are looking for a gift to give friends, or loved ones, this book is a wonderful gift
- If you are a Bible teacher searching for material direct from God’s Word, this book does a lot of the work for you.
- This book is the perfect gift for graduation, birthdays, love gifts for friends
- If you or a loved one is going through hard times, God’s soothing love will embrace you.

Explanations of 13 questions we all have in life...and the scriptures to support them.
- Love—The glue that makes everything work
- Why God considers us royalty?
- How we can fight the good fight of faith
- God promises us healing
- God will shape our plans if we trust Him
- Prayer “When we call He will listen”
- Spiritual Warfare-We are fighting invisible forces
- Evidence that God hears our prayers
- How the Holy Spirit directs and keeps
- Why “giving” helps us get our needs met
- Why God insists that we forgive others
- Why we should watch what comes out of our mouths
- Our “real” home is in Heaven

“All of us struggle with questions in our lives. Sometimes we allow those questions to keep us from moving forward in our faith as a follower of JESUS Christ. In this insightful book, author Vicki Case opens the door of understanding to many of these questions we all experience. The answers she gives are from God’s Word and will help guide you to deeper truth and understanding.

Ronda Shea Discipleship Ministry Pastor
Village View Community Church, Summerfield, Florida

About the Author

Vicki Case, former Managing Editor, Testimony Supervisor, Proofreader, Reporter traveling crusades with Oral Roberts ministry. Ghost writer five Christian books for Salem Family Ministry, Christian Educator over 10 year, 238 hours education