Ivory Eye

by Kristaq Turtulli



Book Details

Language : English
Publication Date : 7/14/2019

Format : E-Book
Dimensions : N/A
Page Count : 176
ISBN : 9781532076565
Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 5x8
Page Count : 176
ISBN : 9781532076572

About the Book

Fred Samarxhiu has inherited the craft of pack-saddling from his ancestors, a honed talent that gives his life purpose and provides meaning to the loneliness he feels in his unfulfilling marriage. He is happiest when sharing fairy tales with his precious blue-eyed daughter, Rita, and creating pack-saddles for his beloved hooved animals. When Rita loses an eye, Fred’s superhuman effort to repair the disfigurement of this innocent beauty transforms him into a hero. As he embarks on a travel odyssey to seek answers, Fred’s unconditional love for Rita reaches the pinnacle of the human spirit. During his journey, he realizes that he is not alone, despite the wounds in his soul. While courageously facing the great world without assistance from anyone, Fred is about to uncover an important message of solidarity, sacrifice, and triumph over destiny. Ivory Eye is the tale of a pack-saddler’s enlightening quest to seek help for his disfigured daughter after she tragically loses an eye.

About the Author

Kristaq Turtulli writer, poet, journalist, painter, analyst novelist and screenwriter. Turtulli was born in Korca, Albania, on November 18, 1954, from a noble family of patriots and aristocrats. His love for art started at an early age with poetry. His early works were published in some of the country’s most prominent newspapers and have won several national awards. Turtulli earned his Bachelor’s Degree in Literature and Journalism from the University of Tirana. Throughout his career, he has worked as a journalist and contributor to several national and international newspapers and magazines, including the following newspapers: “Focus”, “The Democratic Renaissance”, “Albania”, and “Korca-Demokratike”. In 1990, Turtulli was appointed vice-president of the Writer’s Union “The New World”, a position he held until his departure to Canada in 2000. He was the creator and Editor-in-Chief of “The New World” magazine, an artistic bi-weekly magazine. Turtulli was also the vice-president of the Association “Korca-Tradition-Progress”. This association was responsible for organizing the annual “Poetry Nights” event, which was a gathering of writers, poets and artists from Albania, Turkey, Greece, Macedonia, Montenegro, and Italy. This event awarded several prizes and encouraged young artists in the area. Kristaq Turtulli has published a series of short stories and novels, several of which have been recipients of prestigious national and international awards. Some of them are listed below: “Mother” 1981, novel (Winner of “The Best Novel of the Year” Award by the National Writer’s Association) “The Adventures of Bear Topic”, 1988, Juvenile Fiction (Short Stories) “Birds”, 1989, Juvenile Fiction (Short Stories) “Ana”, novel, 1989 (Recipient of the “Naim Frasheri” Award) “Bear’s Shadow”, novel, 1996 “The Inn with Two Doors” novel, 1997 (Winner of “F.S. Noli” Award) “What is Life Worth!” novel, 2003 “Lonely Voices” novel, 2007 “The Inn with Two Doors”, novel, 2009 Translated to English “Friends”, Juvenile Fiction, 2009 Translated to English “Listen My Dear!”, novel, 2009 “On the Train of Route 16”, novel, 2010 “Rita’s Eye”, novel, 2011 “Tulip of Korea”, novel 2012 “The Pianist”, Short Stories, 2013 “The Disappointment”, Short Stories, 2014 “The Impossible Kiss”, novel, 2014 “Girl, Be Careful!” novel, 2015 “Escape from Yourself”, novel, 2015 “Ivory Eye”, novel, 2016 “The Mysteries of ‘Little Paris”, novel, 2017 “Life on the Pendulum”, novel, 2018 Kristaq Turtulli moved to Canada in January 2000. He now lives and works in Toronto and is a Canadian citizen and member of the Writer’s Union of Canada. Turtulli continues his creative work and has three new manuscripts waiting to be published. They are: The Distinguished The Pain of the Icon For more information, please look-up Kristaq Turtulli’s published novels at www.amazon.com and www.lulu.com, or search for Kristaq Turtulli in Wikipedia.