Advanced Hold’em Volume 2

More Advanced Concepts in No Limit Hold’em & Example Hands from Both Volumes




Book Details

Language : English
Publication Date : 4/11/2018

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 5x8
Page Count : 374
ISBN : 9781532046803
Format : E-Book
Dimensions : N/A
Page Count : 374
ISBN : 9781532046810

About the Book

Advanced Hold’em Volume 2 is the continuation of Advanced Hold’em Volume 1. Volume 2 brings you even more of the necessary concepts for being successful in no-limit hold’em cash games and tournaments. This book includes example hands and situations, as well as new advanced concepts for no-limit hold’em games. Whether you play at home, in the casino, at a charity poker room, or on the internet, these concepts will help you improve your game—guaranteed! This book gives players a more detailed idea on how the advanced concepts in volume 1 (and the new concepts in volume 2) will help any player be successful in no-limit hold’em. Learn when these advanced concepts are most important when increasing your skills to the highest levels by learning how to make the proper adjustments and making the correct plays almost every time. Advanced Hold’em Volume 2 includes the following: 1. Gambling when you’re unsure. 2. Blind poker. 3. Is bluffing underrated? 4. Making unusual plays. 6. Now you’re a pro. 7. Advanced poker tells. 8. Squeeze plays. 9. Folding big hands preflop. 10. Calling with weak hands preflop. 11. Online poker secrets. 12. Setting traps.

About the Author

Ryan has been playing poker since he can remember, with friends and family in home games. But as soon as he turned 21, he started playing $1-$2 no limit Hold’Em cash games at the local casino (and on the Internet) as well as low money buy-ins, in online and casino tournaments (all no limit Hold’em games) and running well in all areas. Right now, he is playing: $3-$6, $4-$8, and $5-$10 (and even higher) no limit Hold’em cash games as well as small (under $50), medium ($50-$300) and larger (over $300) buy-ins, in live and online tournaments (STT and MTT, in all forms of poker, but mostly no limit Hold’em), and doing extremely well. In 2007, he played poker professionally online, but cut back to pursue another career in writing. He enjoys writing about poker just as much as he enjoys playing poker. So, I guess you can consider him a part-time poker player and a part-time author. But lately, he has been playing more poker, in hopes to fall back into the professional poker playing lifestyle, on a full-time status.